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When Worlds Collide ~ Chat - Avalonia_Cipher - 07-17-2015

So this is another rp of mine! I'm making it because my other one died and I really wanna rp :c

Here's the form if u wanna join! ^-^














Here's my character's form:

Name: Naomi Sabani

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Appearance: long, black hair, one red eye, one blue eye, small fangs, pale skin

Personality: adventurous, sarcastic, loving, kind

Likes: having fun, hanging with friends, candyyy ♥

Dislikes: hurting friends and family, being a vampire, meat

Friends: Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Wendy's squad, Soos

Enemies: Gideon, Giffany, Love God, Pacifica

Crush{?}: Bill Cipher {human and demon forms}

Extra: Naomi met Bill in the dark forests of Gravity Falls, Oregon. She made a deal with him. That deal was: if he made it so the sun didn't bother her and that she only got bloodthirsty at night, then Bill got help with whatever it is he wanted. Over time, the two became close friends, and Naomi developed a small crush on the demon. They had been inseparable friends ever since.


Hope you decide to join!

RE: Revival of Da RP - Baron Num Nums - 08-04-2015

I'm up for a group RP...

RE: Revival of Da RP - ThaShackCat - 08-04-2015

I'm up for it.

Name: Leafpatch

Age: 4

Gender: Male

Species: Housecat w/ opposable thumbs

Apperance: Stocky tortiseshell with greenish-brown eyes. Has a nick or three in his ears.

Personallity: Blunt, sarcastic, and to the point. Not a people person. Secretly likes DD&mD. Suspicious of demons, and other traditionally evil magic. Underneath his sour demeanor though, is a heart of gold. Unfortunatly it's covered with inch-thick titanium plates. Good luck gettting him to warm up to you.

Likes: Money, fish, being alive, fighting the good fight, wealth in general, DD&mD, and lobster. He's a sucker for lobster.

Dislikes: Demons, other traditionally evil creatures, not being alive, not having money, food that isn't meat, people who annoy him, people in general, and dubsteb.

Freinds: Doesn't have any yet. He's a merc, making friends isn't in the job description.

Enemies: Ford. The gnomes. Bill. (He used his summoning circle as a litterbox) What remains of the Society of the Blind Eye. Pretty much everyone in a fifty-mile radius.

Crush{?}: N/A

Extra: Leafpatch is a mercanery from another universe. He managed to slip through the universe portal before Ford dismantled it. A small chase ensued, involving lots of cursing, and Leafpatch got away. Since then, he's been hiring himself out to various creatures in the forest, supplementing his income with hunting. He has no qualms about revealing his nature in public. What remains of Blind Eye society has got it's work cut out for them.

Possesions: An enchanted glavie-gusarme, a blaster pistol with 3 extra e-clips, a handy haversack, bedroll, survival knife, belt pouch, DD&mD 2.5 edition, permanent arcane sight cast upon self, cloak, studded leather.

RE: Revival of Da RP - Avalonia_Cipher - 08-05-2015

TheShackCat you're in!

Hanaurie you can join this one if you want to .3.

RE: Revival of Da RP - Baron Num Nums - 08-07-2015

Hmm...Let's see. New plaything then. (warning: still new to RP)

Name: Emmeline Sanspeur

Age: 110 (give or take a few years)

Gender: female

Species: Living Doll

Appearance: 4ft. China. Long light blue hair. Intense green eyes. Harlequin diamond patterned pants.

Personality: Curious. A little quiet yet wants to explore new things. Very daring. Easily amused. Very good insight into people at times. However, often gets reality and fiction mixed up.

Likes: Learning and seeing new things. Books and more books. Meeting people. Teasing people. Music.

Dislikes: Heights and anything else that could risk damage. Dirt. Conflict. Sleep.

Friends: Emmeline Sanspeur

Enemies: the Shadowman (possible figment of her imagination she always see's in her dreams who always tells her she's unnatural and she should give in)

Crush{?}: N/A

Extra: Emmeline was named after her owner who knew she was alive but kept her a secret from her family. She was effectively left in the basement for years, unable to get out so she amused herself reading and inventing her own activities. The earthquake allowed her to escape into the outside world although she is wary of how she may be perceived.

RE: Revival of Da RP - ThaShackCat - 08-08-2015

Hey, is any one else gonna join?

RE: Revival of Da RP - Baron Num Nums - 08-08-2015

I'll ask Seer if she's interested. How long should we wait? And how do we start?

RE: Revival of Da RP - The Seer Of Dreams - 08-08-2015

Omg, so interested. XD
Here's my girlie:

Name: Jewel

Age: unknown

Gender: female

Species: time daemon

alignment: the general good.

Appearance: tall and slender (around 5 1/2ft tall). Dark purple hair, past her waist. Bright blue-violet eyes. pale skin with a very faint magenta tint. Dark red -purple gem on forehead.

Personality: she's cold on the outside but has her own way of being nice. Ish. She's actually pretty caring and sweet to people she likes. She's used to being alone, and has little to no social skills. rather sarcastic at times.

Likes: learning, watching people (from a far distance), sweets and reading

Dislikes: the cold, people pestering her to use her powers, invaders of the mind, people changing timelines

Friends: enjoys the company of 'important' people, good or bad. likes Dipper and Mable at times.

Enemies: she dislikes selfish, vain people, or people who have nothing to do with the story of humanity.

Crush: slight crush on Evan. (Getting a bit more than "slight")

backstory: jewel got in a fight with a rouge mind demon (not bill) who threatened to kill millions of people, and succeeded in banishing him, but got her mind shattered and memory wiped in the process. she now acts much more human.

abilities: She can occasionally see into the future, mainly through dreams, but has no control over it.

Enhancements: minor reinforcements under the skin that make her stronger. Enchanted jewelry fused with her body. (It is actually daemon, not fae) it helps her "sight" so she can see enemies moves in advance.

RE: Revival of Da RP - Baron Num Nums - 08-08-2015

^Huzzah! :D so exciting...

RE: Revival of Da RP - The Seer Of Dreams - 08-08-2015

^Oh you~

So any ideas for a plot yet?
Also what about non-OC characters. (Dipper and Mabel especially)