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Stevon's artwork - HopeCvon - 05-30-2016

Hey there loves! I thought it would be nice to share some art that I've done. I'll also link to the folder in my dA gallery where you can find more. I'll being sharing all kinds of work from fan art to original works.

I'll start with this beauty entitled: Morality is Irrelevant

[Image: morality_is_irrelevant_by_kimberlysuedeb...9o1ys7.png]

Yes I know I misspelled irrelevant in the image. I didn't have access to the internet at the time I made this so I could only guess on the spelling at the time.

Video of me coloring this piece because why not share it?

RE: Stevon's artwork - frozo - 05-30-2016

I really like your style. It's somewhat similar to one of my styles. Nice job, m8.

RE: Stevon's artwork - SirDip - 05-31-2016

Noice Reverse Mabel art! :)

RE: Stevon's artwork - TanookiNick - 05-31-2016

Reminds me of my style without the weird eyes I draw

RE: Stevon's artwork - HopeCvon - 06-06-2016

Sorry I haven't been around much. I've been feel really under the weather. Sad I'm fighting through it loves.

Any hoots.
Time for more art!

Since I've been mostly over in the Five Nights at Freddy's: The Movie Thread I decided to share one of my FNAF fanart pieces.
This one is called: When I see Purple

[Image: when_i_see_purple__read_the_description_...8kb59l.jpg]

This what I saw when I would look at the second sprite for the purple man from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Just to be clear, I know that everyone was saying it's a badge - and it did kind of turn out to be a badge - but to be honest I just don't see a badge when I looked at the sprite. That yellow part just seemed too big to be a badge and it's placement on him was a little off to me. Just my opinion on the character's design.

Man, after finishing this I was going to smelling SHARPIE for a while. I'm was glad I had found a little time to get some art out of my system while college was really cracking the whip that semester.

RE: Stevon's artwork - HopeCvon - 06-21-2016

So a while back dA was doing a meme called Art vs. Artist and though I did my version a while back I still wanted to share it with you guys. Also if you want to see any of these works just let me know and I'll be more than happy to share them.

And as you can see this is a very very large image.
[Image: art_vs__artist_by_kimberlysuedebalts-da41fb3.jpg]

RE: Stevon's artwork - 8 Foot Dimmu - 06-22-2016

A little late but I like the morality is irrelevant Mabel

RE: Stevon's artwork - HopeCvon - 07-02-2016

(06-22-2016, 12:17 AM)Dimmu Pines Wrote: A little late but I like the morality is irrelevant Mabel

It's never too late to tell an artist that you like their work. Hehe!

RE: Stevon's artwork - HopeCvon - 07-02-2016

Cipher's Watching, Bleeding Eyes

[Image: cipher_s_watching__bleeding_eyes_by_kimb...a8igpm.jpg]

Up in Utah cutting quaky trees with my dad and brother, and I discovered the sap (when it's fresh) looks a lot like blood. Thus I had to draw some bleeding Bill Cipher eyes. Cool

RE: Stevon's artwork - Baron Num Nums - 07-02-2016

Very nice. I would advise the background contrast with the trees a little so you can tell them apart quicker but that's really it.

What art show is this?