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Artist's Corner - Baron Num Nums - 11-03-2016

Sister to the Writer's Corner. This is an area to discuss personal art projects, to ask for advice, exchange ideas, etc and therefore not to be confused with The Art World Today which deals with the industry.

RE: Artist's Corner - RazJazz - 11-03-2016

Yay! An art topic! Thanks, Baron!

I guess I should contribute to this topic:
I like drawing. I do it sometimes. My art is, in my biased opinion, sub-par, but getting better, especially recently

RE: Artist's Corner - Baron Num Nums - 11-03-2016

Hey Razz you posted stuff here before right? Would you mind linking here?

RE: Artist's Corner - Magpie - 11-04-2016

Lately, as I've been diving deeper and deeper and deeper god help me into Warriors RPs and the like, I've kinda been practicing drawing cats. I finished this drawing of my *main* character, Tawnystorm, last night, and as I did it, I tried to figure out how the hell Photoshop works in terms of drawing. I think it ended up alright, all things considered:
[Image: 4yrCVOH.jpg]
[Image: tawnys.png]

Like Razz, I consider myself somewhat good at drawing, but I've still got a long way to go.

also how the hell do I clean up lines like what how do you do this i have no idea how to use photoshop haaaaaalp

RE: Artist's Corner - HONEYPANTS!! - 11-04-2016

Hell yeah! Thank you Baron! l'm currently learning by taking an art course online plus 3D art at school. So l will keep you guys posted on my progress. lt has currently been going slow because l have been enduring the final stretch of marching band season. But that's coming to a close starting tomorrow so you'll be hearing more from me. Also BTW almost done with a project in 3D art so look forward to the glory of it's goofiness. lt's so wonderfully goofy l love it.

RE: Artist's Corner - badatnames - 11-04-2016

[Image: Untitled.png]
i think i did really well on this

RE: Artist's Corner - Nefari - 11-04-2016

(11-04-2016, 12:53 AM)Magpie Wrote: also how the hell do I clean up lines like what how do you do this i have no idea how to use photoshop haaaaaalp

IMO it's definitely easiest to clean the lines as you draw them instead of going back and editing. I usually have 1 layer for pose, then 1 (sometimes 2) for a rough detailed sketch, and then the 3rd/4th for final lines. I find that if I don't keep the lines clean while I'm doing them, I will never have the motivation to go back and finish them properly.

Right now I'm trying to get back into working on a species project of mine. Currently working on the designs of a few important characters and writing a timeline of their history.

RE: Artist's Corner - RazJazz - 11-04-2016

Baron, I'd don't think I've posted any art here. Have I? :J

RE: Artist's Corner - Nefari - 11-06-2016

I installed GIMP recently and have been trying to get used to it until Photoshop is an option again. It's difficult, I'm having trouble getting it to recognize pen pressure. The features all look great but if I can't them to work it won't really matter.

Does anyone have any experience with Krita? I just downloaded it and it seems good, but it's a little laggy. Will play around with it for the next few days and see how it feels. The layout is definitely more straightforward than GIMP's.

off-topic: i think this & the writers thread might fit better in the Debate&Discussion section, agree or disagree?

RE: Artist's Corner - Baron Num Nums - 11-06-2016

Huh, I must've been misteakin Razz

I'd say yes but I'm still hoping for that Original Content section...