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Project Black Umbrella - RobertPines - 12-31-2016

I have been starting to work on a Fanfic Series. I started working on it on October and I plan to publish it before June 15, 2017.The date of the Fifth anniversary of Gravity Falls.

Here's some details on it
1.Its a series consisting of three fanfics.
2.It does not contain any "ships". I'm trying to make it unique.
3. Its main character is an OC.
4. The 3-part series takes place after a season 2 episode.

As of now, it will be known by the name: PROJECT BLACK UMBRELLA.

Here's the link with the first book:

RE: Project Black Umbrella - The Cipherer - 01-06-2017

Sounds interesting! Are you going to post any information about it, or are you going to keep it a secret 'til we read?

RE: Project Black Umbrella - RobertPines - 02-11-2017

Well, here it is:
The first book.