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The Party At Mysterium Mortim - The Seer Of Dreams - 04-21-2017

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It was a seemingly normal day. (well, normal for you anyways) You were just going about your everyday life when you were suddenly approached by an odd, frail-looking man in fancy attire. he quickly handed you a letter, then bowed and scurried off before you could say anything.

The letter read:

“Dear honored guest,
You have been cordially invited to attend a costume party to be held at the 
Mysterium Mortim estate. 
You are not required to bring a costume, but it is suggested.

~Food and drinks will be provided~”

the back had detailed directions to a place on the edge of the woods you hadn't heard about before, but no name. You notice something in small writing on the bottom of the letter.
Somehow, the person who sent you the letter knows exactly what you want most, and offers it as a gift, simply for showing up and staying through to the end!

Will you go? 


RE: The Party At Mysterium Mortim - Mystine Pines - 04-22-2017

Molly examined the letter curiously. "Huh..." She muttered. She went home and started gathering a costume together and grabbed her bag and headed out to the house.

RE: The Party At Mysterium Mortim - Richard_Cipher - 04-22-2017

Richard awoke to the sound of a knock on his door. The darkly handsome youth slumped out of his bed and stood up.

"Just a moment." He called groggily.

He had had one of those dreams again. A blank, infinite white expand, a beautiful girl with red eyes and black flowing hair, curled into a fetal position. When he approached her she would look at him sadly and reach out, but before they could make contact he'd always wake up.

This longing had been gnawing in him for months.

Richard quickly slipped on his Bathrobe and opened the door to his apartment.

He took the letter and quickly read it, a quiet, joker-like chuckle following. What he wanted most? Even he wasn't sure. The letter aknowledged this, but still promised his truest desire. So, attend he would.

The boy brought out a full outfit: his dark suit, his top hat, and all his other equipment. And a mask. A black, ebony mask with no eyeholes, only one large yellow eye painted on the black, smooth surface. The mask sealed to his face, and through it he saw the world differently. Fantastical images and phantasmagoric creatures swam past his vision. The sky was a boiling sea of color, a massive, burning yellow eye replacing the sun.

Richard laughed. The world was better through the eyes of a madman.

He took the mask off and got ready for the day. Shower, face wash, tending to the runic tattoos that caressed his shoulders like black webs. The walls of all the rooms were scrawled with tunes and short blurbs of manic talk, a side-effect of his wondrous life, post-it notes depicting a triangle with a top hat all over the walls.

Runes, claw marks, Bill everywhere .... A perfect home.

With his suit fully prepared, Richard donned his mask, tipped his hat to the Bill-Sun as he left his house, and walked to the Manor, whistling "Friends on the Other Side".

Who knows? Maybe he'd meet someone that perfect fusion of kind, crazy, and pretty. Maybe the dream-girl might be there. He had no idea.

Today was gonna be Wyrd.

"Just how I like it." He said to himself, smiling like a jolly and excited child.

RE: The Party At Mysterium Mortim - RazJazz - 04-22-2017

Logan gave one look at the note, ripped it in half, and then threw it in the trash. After an half hour or so of thinking it over, he finally fished it out of the trash. Mom always told you to be more outgoing. Maybe you'll meet somebody nice.

Once he'd rooted around his small cabin for a costume, he finally settled on the following: A whole mess of thin bandages, tan trench coat, black jeans, grey turtleneck, and grey boots. After wrapping his face and arms with the bandages, he took some colored contacts to make his eyes look orange and purple (one each, if you were wondering)

Logan began to walk towards the house

RE: The Party At Mysterium Mortim - The Seer Of Dreams - 04-22-2017

The giant house was lit up warmly, but it did nothing to hide the eerie, dangerous vibe. Soft music came from inside, and the man who delivered the letters stood at the door, waiting to invite the guests in.

(Feel free to start mingling, talking to the manor residents, and otherwise enjoying the party.)

RE: The Party At Mysterium Mortim - Richard_Cipher - 04-22-2017

Richard looked at the house, still wearing the mask but vision returned to normal, and smiled. "My kind of place." He muttered, and walked forward, his suit and hat casting a long shadow in the light.

He walked up to the man and tipped his hat. "Good evening good sir. Or is it morning? I have no sense of time these days. Anyways, I received an invitation, I believe."

RE: The Party At Mysterium Mortim - The Seer Of Dreams - 04-22-2017

"yes, I remember giving it to you." the man said blankly. "please come in, Richard, the Host is waiting for you."

RE: The Party At Mysterium Mortim - Richard_Cipher - 04-22-2017

"Splendid!" Richard said, smiling beneath his mask.

He entered the manor and looked about, taking in his surroundings, immediately evaluating everyone in sight.

RE: The Party At Mysterium Mortim - RazJazz - 04-22-2017

"Hi. You're the guy who gave me that letter, right?" Logan was nervous, not because of the manor, although it was kinda spooky. "Do I have to show ya the letter or will ya let me in on pure faith?

RE: The Party At Mysterium Mortim - The Seer Of Dreams - 04-22-2017

"I have a very good memory, logan. please come in." the man said, gesturing inside.