Shovel Knight
It's so weird... After playing a bunch of Indie Games as of late, including Super Meat Boy, Braid, and the Bit.Trip series, I've been paying more an more attention to the Indie scene.

In this case, there's a new upcoming Indie Game I heard about, developed by a new developer called "Yacht Club" (who I think are made of people from WayForward, who have been making a LOT of awesome games as of late). I first heard about it through this video:

Shovel Knight... Just the name alone has me intrigued! The game looks pretty cool, too! And if that's not enough:

GAME GRUMPS PROMO, the best kind of promotion!

If you're interested in supporting them, go to their Kickstarter (4 days left, and already met their goal):

Or donate via PayPal:

The PayPal has multiple goals, in which the higher they go, the more awesome options the game will have, including new playable characters and battle multiplayer!

I'd donate myself, if I had the money to spare...

Now Two Best Friends are in on this!

Unfortunately, the only thing people can talk about with this video is whether or not they "copied" Game Grumps, which is stupid, considering they came out within a day of each other, and both series's feel like they would take longer than that to do a proper episode.

...Oh, BTW, you can vote to have this game available on Steam:

Also, here's one of the "boss characters" that will be playable (he'll play differently and have a different story):

[Image: MoleKnight.png]

And last of all:

[Image: 46f691a0ed5ebccb29e2173e34a4343a_large.gif]

...Wonder what that mystery stuff will be...

Really late to the game here. I bought this game on my Wii U AND 3DS, beat the Wii U version about a month ago, freaking fantastic game all the way through. Great music, good level design, excellent game mechanics, wonderful and memorable character design, just all around a game to remember. In fact, dare I say, it's probably one of my new favorite games of all time!

Also, there's this article about how the game differs from the NES, which it clearly takes a lot of inspiration from:

And another article about game sales:

Regardless, if you haven't gotten this game yet, go get it now, it's worth it!
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That post, anyways I've seen some gameplay of it and it looks good and also really fun.
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It IS good and really fun! Trust me, you'll love it!
I can vouch that Shovel Knight is a lot of fun. I've got the 3DS version, and it's a great little tribute to old-school platform/action games; challenging at times, but not too much so.
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only old school gamers will get that shovel knight reference.
badabing, badaboom
A coworker of mine told me to play this game. But I never got the chance to get around it.

It definitely seems interesting though. ^_^
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I got Shovel Knight for the Ps4. Best game ever! Graphics are amazing,The bosses and even random people you talk to look amazing! This is a game you need to get for sure. Of course the bosses are incredibly tough to beat though........
I might get it for the 3ds. Would you recommend it for that system? The only other option I have is the computer, and I don't have a Steam account.

EDIT: By :you: I don't mean the person above me, just anyone who reads this post and has played it for that system.
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