Shovel Knight
^^To my knowledge, the game is the same in every platform.
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The PS4 and Xbone versions have extra bosses (Kratos and the Battletoads respectively) and the 3DS/Wii U version is compatible with the Shovel Knight amiibo which gives unlocks a co-op mode (Wii U only) and lets you earn new relics, level up and customize Shovel Knight (both versions). It also unlocks challenge stages. The 3DS version uses the touchscreen for things like items.
30 percent of the sales came from the 3DS version if that indicates if it's better.
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I have bought Shovel Knight Tresure Trove for the Nintendo Switch like a week ago. After playing through the entire game and the currently available add ons, it has pretty much become one of my favorite video games.

Plague Knight plays weird, there were some fun moments but it mostly gave me frustration, especially in the propeller stage.

Specter of Torment (Switch-exclusive till April i think) is a huge upward and offers an actual addition to the main story as a prequel compared to Plauge of Shadows being just a side story that plays during the events of the main game, and every dash attack in the game feels like a treatment.

King Knight's campaign is going to be released later 2017 and i hope that it's as good as the Specter Knight campaign.

Every campaign/add on is as long as the main game, since you are playing through the same stage just with different charaters (The Specter Knight levels have been changed to fit more into the gameplay of the character)

I just love how this game manages to be a mix of NES games like Super Mario Bros 3, Zelda II, Ducktales etc. What i also like is that the emotional parts of the game were inspired by Mother 3.

If you want to get Shovel Knight, buy it now as your copy will be upgraded to the Tresure Trove bundle later on and every available campaign will be sold seperatly
Is it worth getting the game for 3ds it was for 10 dollars at my local wal mart granted it's probably gone by now at that price
(03-14-2017, 11:04 PM)8 Foot Dimmu Wrote: Is it worth getting the game for 3ds it was for 10 dollars at my local wal mart granted it's probably gone by now at that price

Yes, it is
(This is going to be one of those threads)

Yacht Club Games is considering producing a 3D Shovel Knight platformer.

Super Mario 64 is going to be the main inspiration for it.
(03-20-2017, 06:32 PM)daJoschi Wrote: (This is going to be one of those threads)
Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is now out on PC and the Japanese 3DS eShop
I already played it on my Switch (since it was time exclusive until now) and can only recommend the game (If you already own the base version of Shovel Knight, you are going to receive it as an update, or you can buy the standalone version of it for 9,99$)

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