The Best and Worst Fandoms of the World
Judging a fandom based on those frequenting the YouTube comments section may not be the best idea...

Overall I do think the MLP fandom is seen as a lot worse than it actually is. I don't really know what became of it after season five since I stopped being involved at that point. But during my time there I found the vast majority of people to be welcoming and open-minded. There were extremists, as there are with anything, but the only people who encourage them are other extremists. At worst I'd compare it to an ugly but benign tumor.
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I feel like it's a bad move to say a fandom is completely bad when the bad apples are only an obnoxious minority (I'm looking at you, people who call the MLP and Undertale fandoms "cancer")
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Fandoms are a bit tricky when it comes to defining them. "Cancer" wouldn't be the best word for any of them, really, but sometimes they can get extremist, like Nefa pointed out. I wouldn't really say there's a "bad" fandom. Some fandoms are large. Some fandoms have repute for being perverse or extremist. But overall they're just fans of a show. They just express it in different ways.
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There's good and bad in all fandoms. generalizing them is a little silly, as it's never going to describe everyone in the group. plus when you say that _____ fans are pushy, childish, whiny, etc, the people who don't act like that feel a little crappy. (i know from experience)
i have been and still am part of many "bad" fandoms, but me and many of my fellow fans don't act like people say we do.
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I'm okay with generalizing, really. No one really thinks that you're calling ALL people of that fandom bad. And if you are, you're probably not the brightest dude.
The MLP fandom...kinda.

Used to be very, very deep in that fandom. Like any other it became a constant swarm of ego and ultimately making money from fans. All my ol' online friends faded away from it and I followed, though the show still gets a smile from me now and then.

I can't really say it's unique to Bronydom, but sweet, Sugar Dip Jesus, it was writ large due to the sheer size that fandom hit when I exited in 2012.
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I didn't even watch Steven Universe for a long time due to how bad I heard the fans were. Also, I guess would be Undertale and Overwatch.
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The Loud House fandom is getting up there with Steven Universe as far as cancerous fandoms

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