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1x19 - Dreamscaperers
(10-24-2015, 12:45 AM)Abia Wrote: There aren't many conversations within the fandom I'd like the writers to see, but I think this is one of them. They might be happy to know their show sparked such an unnecessarily in-depth and ultimately pointless discussion.
Wonder what they'd think of us if they did see it XD
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I don't know if anyone has mentioned this. But I will if not. After Stan says: the kids a loser. He's weak. I just wanna get rid of him" He goes into a flashback. The flashback shows Stan wearing glasses. Whereas we know that Stan didn't wear glasses at the time. So why did Stan say all this? Did he know Dipper was in there? What do you think?
Perhaps this theory is relevant.
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My opinion is that Stan staged those "memories" for Dipper's benefit. He knew Dipper was there. I wrote a fanfic about it, called Dream Scrape.

Dipper didn't intentionally go back into the rooms marked as holding "Dipper memories." He was looking for the exit when he opened a door into what looked like the same memory as before, but wasn't. The words Stan speaks have a subtle difference, too.

First time: "The kid's a loser. He's weak! He's an utter embarrassment! I just wanna get rid of him. "

Second time: "He's a loser. He's weak. I just wanna get rid of him."

Additional evidence from a recent end code, "Carla McCorkle returned all his flowers." That's the only real fact about her we know. She was an unrequited crush. They never dated or danced, and the movie theater rescue was just Stan's fantasy.
Dreamscapers Review


Bill Cipher Introduction - Perfect! Loved him! He pulled teeth out of a deers mouth, blasted a hole through Dipper, morphed into Soos, and brought some of Mabel's and Soos biggest fears (ugliness and a British dog man) to life! Great design and voice too!

Mindscape - Incredible! I love the idea of going into someone's dream/mind and being able to do anything that you can imagine. Amazing design of Stan's mindscape as well.

Dipper/Stan bonding/development - Very sweet and real. I remember feeling how Dipper felt before. But I eventually realized that my parents were only hard on me because they love me. Seeing Dipper's reaction to Stan's flashbacks were heartbreaking the first time and heartwarming the second time. I also loved seeing Stan as a kid and how he fought back. It's also a great and believable explanation of why Stan is harder on Dipper than Mabel.

Funny Stan Flashbacks - My two favorites were the prison one and the vacuum cleaner one.

Mabel's kitten fists - Fitting for Mabel.

Xyler and Craz - I'm not a huge fan of the anime designs, but these two were hilarious!

Grandpa the kid- Fitting for Stan.

Question mark stomach beam- Fitting for Soos.

Possible Bob's Burgers Easter Egg- Mabel and Xyler are voiced by Kristen Schaal (Louise Belcher) and John Roberts (Linda Belcher). When Mabel said "Don't treat me like a child Xyler!", it sounded like something Louise would say to Linda.

Ending - Awesome/sad to see the destruction of the Shack. Sets up Gideon Rises very well.


Plot hole- Dipper was just gonna leave Mabel and Soos in the mindscape before Bill attacked? What? He probably wasn't, but they should've explained it better.

Not enough Wendy - She should've gone into the mindscape with the twins and Soos.

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This was the first thing I ever saw of Gravity Falls. And the rest was history. Wink
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