Rate the Last Movie You Saw
A simple format like, "*movie's name here*, *star rating* *further feelings*" Like so:

ParaNorman 10/10 - From the setting to the plot to the characters, I adored everything in this movie, and really want to see it again. I highly recommend it to everyone.

A word though: please avoid spoilers, or tag them if you're able to. Don't want to ruin it for the rest of us, would you? Wink
"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl
Dark knight rises. 9/10. Saw it 3 times. Loved the pain theme. Trilogy goes down in history
Powerpuff Girls the Movie, 'nuf said
Horace, Roman Poet Wrote:Carpe Diem - Ergreife/ Nutze den Tag (Seize the Day)
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Prince of Egypt~ (Yes, I just now saw it after years of looking for it. It finally came on the movie channel 8U. Better late than never.)

I rate this movie a 8/10

Overall, I adore this movie. From the fluid animation, to the powerful scenes, to everything. Most of the songs were good, which is a plus. But from such a serious movie, they added lighter tone for younger kids, which were silly things.
If you like really like eye catching animation and more of a serious story line, I recommend this.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (for the 27th time (I've counted)) - 10/10

I love this movie so much. If you know what a video game is, watch it.
Just finished "Dead Poets Society" 10/10

I have to think about that what i just saw but i know it was a Masterpiece.
it was one of the few movies, which made me emotional upset.
Carpe Diem - Ergreife/ Nutze den Tag (Seize the Day)
Horace, Roman Poet Wrote:Carpe Diem - Ergreife/ Nutze den Tag (Seize the Day)
[Image: 2vmdfnl.jpg]
Paranorman 8/10, Dark Knight Rises 7/10, Avengers 10/10

I found that Paranorman was interesting but the characters were overly steryotyped, and a bit of the writing was out of place, Like most movies, part of it is making a character homosexual just because it's a shout out to them, people never stop to think wht they SHOULD add in, not what they can, whatever fits the story better, go for it.

Dark Knight Rises I and facepalming, they pretty much butchered the other movies before hand and really killed it for me.

Avengers, seriously, how was this anything below a 10? It was gorgeously executed.
Iron Man 9/10

It's a well done movie, and the characters were well executed along with the plot. There were some parts that I felt were a bit forced - though I can't really remember which ones at the moment - but overall it's a good watch. And Stark blows stuff up. That's fun to watch.
@purplelemons. Which movies did they butcher? Begins, TDK, And TDKR were all wonderful.
Story wise, they completely wrecked it I think. @Jnix

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