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True Grit (1969) - a pretty good western, and an enduring classic. Not the best, not really the worst. Not much to say, really. 7/10

True Grit (2010) - a great remake, a better adaptation than the 1969 version, and a darn good movie in its own right. The character of Mattie, in particular, is a lot more forceful, and therefore a bit more interesting. This version also manages to capture not only more of the book's humor, but also more of its seriousness and intensity. This version also has better music, which is really important to me in film. 9/10.
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Sausage Party 9 out of 10

Hilarious hopefully more adult animated movie's happen after this

Also depending on where your at its on Netflix now give it a watch

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

This was a pretty satisfying horror for a number of reasons. It sadly falls short around the climax but what it does right it does very well and is pretty interesting.
Lego Batman 9/10 A few minor flaws but this was a highly entertaining movie with amazingly funny humor and very enjoyable characters. Personally I liked it better than Lego movie but I'm sure most people will disagree with me on that. But really this is actually one of the best Batman movies and one of the best interpretations of the character of Batman. Highly recommended this one
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The Great Wall.

9/10. The trailers were misleading, expected a kind of good film and ended up getting a great one. Don't judge it by the trailer, the film is fantastic—think Mulan meets The Road to El Dorado, with a bit of Avatar thrown in. :)
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Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull - 4/10

The plot was boring and all over the place, the CGI was insultingly noticable, it lost pace many times, but the action scenes were good and I liked the villain.
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Fantastic Beasts - 8-ish/10

A whole lot better than I expected, the plot was nice, and the ending was much

They actually almost made the suitcase thing kinda funny in the beginning
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Logan. 8.1/10.

While not as good as I thought it was gonna be by the trailers, it was still very much an effective and refreshing superhero movie for me. In all the superhero movies we're getting nowadays, most of them being big in scale, it's nice to see one that's very personal and down to earth.

This movie has the best performances from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart out of their entire X-Men films. Dafne Keen was great as Laura as well.

Man, I can't believe it's been seventeen years, yet here we are at the end of the journey. I'm gonna miss those two.
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Boss Baby: 3/10

Fifteen minutes in and I wanted it to be over.
Lion: 8.9/10
It was a really good movie, if you like Life of Pi, you will love this.
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