Rate the Last Movie You Saw
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: 9/10

It's not only a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it's also a great film on its own. I could tell that everyone else in the theater was having as much of a blast as I was watching it.
Guardians of the Galaxy 2- 7.5/10

Incredibly entertaining and enjoyable. Unfortunately it suffers from a few too many character subplots and a weak first act, but the fun character banter and engrossing final act more than make up for it.
I am tired during the day. GRANDPA THE KIIIID!

I'm turning over a new leaf. Literally.

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A Ghost Story

[Image: File:David_Lowery_Deauville_2013.jpg]
In this very moment, I fucking hate this man like no other...

So, obviously A Ghost Story is not an actual ghost story (not that that stopped the director from dicking around -__-), it's kinda flipping obvious it's sorta more of an medative, self discovery type film, yanno, artsy. Which in all fairness is kinda what I got but I didn't quite expect full-blown hipster, I shoulda maybe but hey family wanted to see it and it wasn't like I was utterly exhausted by 9:30 anyway...but yeah back to this movie and why I hate it, you see this movie does have a very interesting point, a good one but it's obvious they didn't think too deeply or have much to say cause most of the movie really is big empty nothing not unlike our ghost friend and the result is a repetitive use of something I despise in movies more than anything, something I like to call 'the forever shot'.

You've gotta understand I love long reflective moments in films, I'm an advocate of it, films need it yeah but then you get people who then will linger just a little too long on something like say a fucking wall so first you're like wtf ok move on already? Then it keeps going so you're thinking dear god yes I get it there's a wall why are you forcing me to watch paint drying on this wall for 5 minutes you sadist (fun fact there is a forever shot of a wall even)!! And it's like that with the pie, it's not that hard to figure out she is sad and is gonna eat a goddam pie because she is sad, we don't even know these characters beyond their function why do you think we'll have a better connection or understanding by sitting and watching her force herself to eat the ENTIRE FUCKING PIE (I wish I was joking) for what is way too fucking long. Seriously watching paint dry is less painful and bloody pretentious so done and tired x__x

Oh also Casy Affleck can't act for shit, not even emotionless faced like Roney which is almost impressive but not really x/

Rating: kill it dead and then bury it in the backyard

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