Rate the Last Movie You Saw


I only went and saw it because I wanted to see a friend I hadn't seen in a while and didn't expect it to be good but it was surprisingly enjoyable.
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Star Trek III


Pretty enjoyable movie, not as good as Wrath of Khan but a decent movie I'd watch again.
Oh, I saw Wreck-It Ralph!


I love it so much I almost feel compelled to give it a 9, but I don't want to get carried away.
I forgot to mention this, but last week we went to see Skyfall for my birthday, followed by eating at my favorite Japanese hibachi restaurant! I actually only kind of wanted to see it, since I heard it was good. As a guy who's never seen a James Bond movie all the way through, I can safely say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I still know the basics about who and what James Bond is, and I could pick up on things pretty quickly. It had a lot of great action, some nice banter from Bond and several other characters, including the villain, and the third act literally blew me away! My dad, who's a big-time James Bond fan, having seen all the previous movies, was rather disappointed by this movie. I guess he had colored expectations, I suppose.

I give it 8/10

Also, the day before, I saw Wreck-It Ralph a second time. I saw it by myself, as opposed to seeing it with a friend before. Probably the first movie I saw in a theater alone... Not to mention, the parking was insane, and there was a HUGE freaking line, so I missed the previews and the Paperman short. This time around, I noticed the Portal reference, when Vanellope called Ralph "GLADoS" at one point.

Today, I saw Rise of the Guardians, with my parents. My mom really wanted to see it. I love the premise of the movie, and it had me shaking with excitement at some points, like the inner child in me was trying to break free, appropriately enough. I sensed a lot of whimsy in this movie, like an action-packed Disney movie that's really light on comedy... In fact, of all things, it reminds me of the Oz series of books. There were plenty explanations of how things worked in the land of Oz, as well as origin stories for certain characters, but they all defied logic and had a certain appeal that lent itself to the imagination and creativity of childhood. It makes me want to read the books this movie is based on. William Joyce, the author of those books, worked pretty closely on this movie I hear (incidentally, he was an executive producer), and the character designs come from Joyce's own character backlog. This, along with How to Train Your Dragon, marks to me a shift in tone in Dreamworks, and the way they handle movies. Instead of being cash-grabby and "zany", they don't talk down to their audience, and instead give quality family entertainment... Not unlike how Disney used to do things.

I give it 7.5/10

Ugh, there are so many movies I want to see this season... I still have to check out Cloud Atlas and Lincoln, and in a few weeks, The Hobbit, Django Unchained, and Les Misérables will be out! So many movies, so little time...
Yeah, I saw Rise of the Guardians not even an hour ago.
Really cool movie, I was quite surprised that there was few comedic parts. It was a very serious movie, but overall, I have to say, Santa's and the Sandman are bada$$es... I mean, Santa has two swords, and
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Taken 2 - 8/10
Nice movie :P. A lot of action scenes, good plot, but I think it was too short for me.
If they will make a Taken 3, I'm sure I'll watch it.
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Wreck-it Ralph (like I said before, I finally got to watching it a few days ago): 9.5/10.
Great movie, the only complaint I have is that it was slightly predictable towards the end. First time I've seen 3D that was actually good.
Back to the Future trilogy. 10/10

Time travel and iff you look closely in the beggining there's a store called "Twin Pines."
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Saw Lincoln this past Friday, really good movie. Not really used to watching these kinds of "serious dramas", though there are some humorous moments in the movie, most of which comes from ol' Abe Lincoln's stories, but what makes this movie intersting is something else...

Rating wise... I'd give it a 8.5 out of 10.
I can't remember, I think it was Hotel Transylvania. 11/10 for Drac's rap.
I'm no good at sports, so to me, my greatest achievement was first Manotaur. ;n;

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