The All-Encompassing "What'cha Playing?" Thread
i've been playing through majora's mask recently and i plan on playing ocarina of time on n64 again
i still haven't beaten majora's mask omf...g.........
Well, I'm playing Pokemon Emerald, about to face the 6th gym leader.

Also playing Pokemon White, trying to figure out what I did last... Recently got Keldeo in an event, trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do with it now...

Played Super Smash Bros. Brawl after months of not playing it. Still love it.

Played Mega Man 9 after almost a year of not playing it. Thanks to Game Grumps playing Mega Man 7, I learned some tips/pointers I can do for this game (i.e. I can actually go back to stages I already beat). It's actually more fun then I remember (sometimes, I still go pissed on some stages). Hell, I actually BEAT Tornado Man's stage, that's a first for me!

Also played a small bit of LA-MULANA. I plan on getting back to that soon.
Well I've done everything in Pokemon Black, so I'm not playing it until Black 2 comes out in 2 weeks, I'm hype and waiting right now. Also I'm planning on getting everything in Kingdom Hearts 3D.
I just got NSMB2 yesterday. The game is really addicting and Coin Rush is awesome.
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So I'm playing Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, mostly to defy those who think it's shit and also that I think it looks pretty cool. I need a candle to go through the dark caves, which are EVERYWHERE in my starting area. Where do I find it?
Mostly been playing Minecarft it never really ends so even though its possoble to beat it you never actully can.

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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy for the Nintendo 3DS...

You tap the touch screen to the rhythm of songs from the thirteen mainline Final Fantasy games. May not sound like the most interesting concept...but it's extremely fun. The music they've got here is fantastic and the high-score aspect makes it ideal for short bursts/portable play (though I imagine it may be a little tricky to play it on the bus or whatnot).

Then again, it might really only be for those who have nostalgia for this series, so I'd say take a look at some videos or read some reviews before you decide to check it out.
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Just a list of what I'm playing atm:
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (on the PS3)

I have this crazy idea in my head to get all the famous GF tumblr blogs' owners to play MvM with each other.
Anyone in support?
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Ha, I'd give it a go but I've never played TF2. I just beat Portal 2. I have such a huge backlog of games, I'll never get through it all.
Been Playing Borderlands 2 recently. Have a Lv. 34 Maya, and a Lv. 20 Axton

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