I Bet We Can Count To One Million Game [Lounge Thread]
Yeah the only one who didn't label him right away was the Queen I believe
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That and before he basically started threatening her life she actually did try to get through to him during his villain song. She was even talking to him like a mother to a child not a hostage to an evil villain. She was only defensive during their first little chat because we'll duh she's been kidnapped. Bit she was still watching him with sadness in her eyes.

This villain concept is actually hilariously clever because during his build up and introduction they practically had a neon sign and shouted I'm the villain. Saying he's dangerous, the fog, villainous looking figure with scary voice. They actually made it quite obvious and yet you still wrote it off as a joke because adorable puppy couldn't possibly do anything wrong. Plus the initial trick of using the token adorable science nerd so you would assume you knew what role he would play haha nope.
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