The Gathered Books
[Image: mWQ1QaU.png]
Where did you find that?!
It was on Tumblr, it's from a scene dealing with Episode 20 from what I was reading about it.
[Image: mWQ1QaU.png]
It'd appear that book three is the only one that came with that eye-glass thing. Good to know that at least that fell into the right hands.
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Book 1 also looks like it's the oldest, since it's the first book
[Image: mWQ1QaU.png]
Hm, did 1 always have its number or was it added on? Seeing as there's a book with no number...
It also looks like one is the thickest of the three on the table. But the question is, what information does one contain? I mean, everyone knows that three has more of the creatures, monsters, and paranormal things in Gravity Falls, and two has things like magic spells, potions, incantations, etc.
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Book 1 obviously is about the Prophecy of the Pines.
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So how did that image get leaked?
From what you guys were saying (and by the dates of the post) it was posted earlier than Gideon Rises?

Did someone get quick access?

Still wanna know inside Book 1.
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He found it on tumblr, maybe tmogf posted it?
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