Good vs. Evil
Short explanation:
- It is a simple game of counting
- Every round starts with 50
- If you are for the "Evil" you count down.
- If you are for the "Good" you count up.
- If the counter reaches 0 or 100 the respective side wins and the game starts again at 50.

The (few) rules:
- No double-posts
- If you get ninja'd, edit your post.
- If a side wins, the person posting 0 or 100 should send me a PM so I can change the score board.

Good: 17
Evil: 15

Here we go... 50!

Neutral players post the previous number. The side that posts after that gets +1. Example:
Player A: 55
Player B: 55
Player A: 57
Going past zero or one hundred begins a Nega or Mega game, respectively. Going twenty-five more down or up earns a team an additional point.
~Added by Floating Eyeball on 12/02/13, while everyone currently playing agreed with it.
EVIL }:)>

48 Excellent [Image: Drache.gif]
49 >:D
48 A challenger appeared ^^

Down to 46 >:D
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46! Good will triumph.
Forty five! :33

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