Favourite and least favourite Mabel's sweater?
Mabel has many sweaters. What's your favourite? And what's your least favourite sweater?
I think that the best is THIS one. I think she looks so cute with it ;D

The worst is definitely THIS. I don't like that brocate (sequins?). And I don't know why, but she looks a little... old.

And how about your best and worst sweaters?
[Image: anzp6.gif]
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I rather like that dark blue one from Boyz Crazy. It's just so different to see her in dark colors that it caught my eye.

Despite my signature, that furry llama sweater is just plain ugly.

Nice thread!
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Check it out, Dipper, I just successfully bezazzled my face!
The strawberry sweater is my favorite too! I like the contrast between the red and the turquoise, and for some reason I think it brings out her hair too.

My least favorites are the Waddles sweater and the double cross sweater. It doesn't look like too much thought went into either of their designs, which makes sense given that they're both just there for visual gags.
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lol even if this was the promo

My favorite

My least favorite
I can't pick just one design for my favorite, so I'll pick my 5 favorite (in no order):

The shooting star design from Tourist Trapped

The music note design from The Inconveniencing

The blue stars design from Boyz Crazy

The sunset over the water design from Dreamscaperers

The prism/Dark Side of the Moon design from Mabel's Guide to Color

Don't really have a least favorite.
(08-06-2013, 04:42 PM)TheMike Wrote: Mabel has many sweaters. What's your favourite?

This one !!!

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Oh silly, that not Mabel, thats Lebam. ;)
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
How to get people to hate you.

A) mention the controversial Lebam theory.
i am NOT a swede;

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