What brought you to the Mystery Shack?
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Hey guys! Welcome to the Mystery Shack!
We are always interested in knowing what brought you here. I know some of you come from tumblr, twitter, and devianArt. But did some of you find out about this forum another way? :)
The mystery shack is brought to you by.... feyrah! Pa-dum-Dish!!
on deviantart.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Alex Hirsch's Retweet. Glad he did too!
Tumblr! (:
Alex Hirsch's retweet, also. After looking through it because I saw the Romney character prank.
I was checking Tumblr and a link sent me here :3
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Searched for a Gravity Falls forum, and found your Journal post about it.
Tumblr Happy
I first heard about the forum on Tumblr, but was not terribly interested at the beginning. Then, Mr. Hirsch himself retweeted the creator's advertisement, and I got a little more interested. Soon after, I was unable to resist the pull of a forum dedicated to this show so I took the plunge.
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A combo of tumblr and twitter!

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