What brought you to the Mystery Shack?
The power of Google led me here.
Hello! I was browsing FFN and saw a link to this place on someone's profile. Because I'm a big fan of the show, I thought, why not join?
GFDecoded if course...
I am truly honered to be a member on the same forum as him/her.
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Well, after weeks of trying to get into Gravity falls but not actually watching it, I was babysitting one day while Disney Channel was on and it came on and happened to be the first episode. I thoroughly enjoyed it, much living up to the hype tumblr had brought to it. I watched a few more episodes online, and began to wonder what the backwards part of the theme song was, and found out all about the secret codes and messages in the show, and became hooked. Tumblr was already an addiction of mine, but soon I was following accounts and tracking tags dedicated to Gravity Falls, and someone posted a link that lead me here! I love it.
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(09-15-2012, 07:58 PM)seattledetroit Wrote: him/her.

I'm a dude.
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The decoder told me about the forums on /co/
I go to a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic forum, and I was talking to a guy about Adventure Time. We were talking about an Adventure Time forum we could go do, then I mentioned how those two shows and Gravity Falls are, like, the best animated TV shows of this generation.

He THEN linked me to this site.
Well, a lot of my friends from a site I go to go here as well. I got curios about this place and decided to come.
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