Grunkle Stan's Tattoo?
Very true. Waddles mentioned a "W" over the arrow, but if that's true, then the compass rose, and therefore the map, is upside down. That may be a back-hair, and if it is, I think we can count the wind thingy theory as out. The only major concern I have with the map theory, is the large blue blotch. What could that be?
It's true that it could be a back hair, but it just seems strange that he'd have that one hair in that one spot while it's obvious that he's a hairy man (what with Mabel trying to shave his chest).

And I was thinking that it would be the wind thingy because then 'w' doesn't have to mean west - it has 'w-h-a-t' as its arrows instead of the cardinal directions - so it wouldn't mean the map was upside down especially since it could just be a landmark.

I don't know what the large blue blotch could be; if the wind thing holds true, then it would just be a part of that, but if it doesn't hold true, then it could be anything, really: a path, a part of a word or design, or anything else.
I didn't think of that. It would make sense if the directions are "w-h-a-t", especially if it is a map, and leads to something very valuable or important, like some kind of treasure or book 1, and he very desperately wants to protect it.
I don't think it's a backhair either. It has the same color as the tattoo in the close-ups, its light blue. I doubt Stan has babyblue backhaur. :,D
I looked at the wind thing (I think they're called wind-veins or something) and it doesn't have arrows, but that doesn't mean the tattoo still isn't based off of that.

On another site, I read someone theorize that it was a constellation chart, since the compass rose on those switches east and west because of the point of view of the sky. I don't know what that would make the other, bigger splotches, but I still thought that was an interesting theory.
Wind veins sounds correct. If it is a constellation map, then the big blue blotch could be a planet or a large star. Or, it might be reversed so he could use a mirror to look at it.
(09-02-2012, 12:37 AM)BadMan171 Wrote: If it is a constellation map, then the big blue blotch could be a planet or a large star. Or, it might be reversed so he could use a mirror to look at it.

Why Didn't I think of that! The mirror makes perfect sense
Mirror DOES make a ton of sense! Haha, and then he would be able to easily see it, but someone else glancing at it wouldn't know what it was unless they thought fast and were really observant (and maybe had a photographic memory).
Exactly! That way, he protects the information that's on the tattoo. Which brings up the question of what the purpose of the map is. Like, does it detail important landmarks in Gravity Falls and the surrounding areas, does it mark the location of some MacGuffin(s), like the first journal or some powerful magical objects, or something along those lines?
If it were a map, it could possibly lead to the books. Like, say Stan knew about them, and it would have the location for at least 3 since that was just in the woods and Stan would've had it there when he got the tattoo most likely.

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