PLEASE READ: Forum Rules
Hello dear members, gnomes, zombies, and whatever is lingering around
here! Like every other forum, we couldn't manage things without any rules.
So here they are:

1.) Behaviour

1. Please try to keep a nice tone, or at least a subjective one towards
things and other members. Don't be rude to each other.

2. Don't excessively troll around. We can always take a joke, but never
overdo it!

2.) Posting

1. Use expressive titles when opening a thread. People should be
able to tell immediately what your thread is about so they can see whether they
can contribute to it or if they can help you with whatever question you may have.

2. Post your threads in the right area of the forum. If you are not sure
where something goes, message one of the administrators or moderators.

3. Try to keep your postings tidy looking. Use breaks sometimes and avoid
huge blocks of text, pleae avoid typing entirely in capslock.

4. Use proper grammar and punctuation. We understand if people have
problems with that, so if you do, try using a spellcheck program for your browser.
It won't only be much nicer to read, but might also get people to help or reply to you sooner.

3.) Content

1. Any content of pornographic, racist or extremely violent nature is not
allowed. Minor violence/little bits of blood that is on a par with the actual show is fine.
Do not post majorly bloody or gory images.

2. Do not discriminate anyone because of their race, gender, sexuality, religion or culture or for any other reason.

3. Do not post sexually explicit, or highly suggestive images or text.

4. Do not directly link to any contents of the kinds listed above. Do not link or advertise illegal contents.

5. Spam of any kind is not allowed.

6. Avoid double-posts. They sometimes occur due to technical issues,
but don't deliberately do them. If you have already posted and have something to add,
use the edit option!

4.) Usernames

1. Usernames should be easy to read and other members should be able to adress
you with it. Do not use random number or letter compilations or random symbols.
Up to 3 numbers/symbols in a name are okay, but try to avoid them.
It's much nicer and more personal! :)

2. Don't use any severe swear words in your usernames names.

3. Please don't use more than 20 characters in your username.

4. If a name seems inappropriate for the forum team, we will ask you to change it or assist
you in finding a more fitting one. If the name is too severe to keep it any longer, we will
change it immediately to something else and ask you to provide us with something else that
you would like.

5. If you would like your username changed then you may ask the admin(s) however there will be a 6 month waiting period between changing names so choose something you actually want. Don't waste it.

There are exceptions for the winter holidays and halloween where names may be changed for fun though.

5.) Signatures

1. The maximum size of a signature should never exceed 700 x 300 Pixels. Anything that exceeds
these limits will automatically be cut off.

2. Don't use any inappropriate or offensive material in your signature.

6.) Image Gallery

1. Images uploaded into our image gallery should always apply to the rules above. No pornographic, heavily violent, gory, or discriminating images.

2. Always give credit to where you got it from!

7.) Accounts

1. Alternate accounts are allowed as long as they are used for joke purposes and are not used to harass or insult other members of the forum. However, they are not allowed to be used as a second regular account, and can only be used for the purpose of the joke, and for nothing else.

Any violation or abuse of these rules will result in a warning. If a user
has collected too many warnings or has done huge violations of the rules,
they will be banned from the forum for a certain amount of time. We will
give second chances, but do not make the wrong use of them. If you are
only one warning away from being banned, we will inform you beforehand.

Mild violations (posting in the wrong area, double posts) will not result in
warnings of any kind if they don't happen too often. Mistakes can happen!
But please keep it to a limit.

Trolls that only registered to troll around and violate the rules will be banned immediately.


This is merely a forum from fans for fans of Disney's show, Gravity falls.
We are not affiliated to Disney, Disney Channel or Production of the show. The purpose
of this forum is to share fan content and talk about the Gravity Falls universe and episodes.

The team is not to be made responsible for any infringing content on external websites that are embedded or linked to on the forum.


This is it with the formal stuff. The number one rule is to have fun!
Good rules. Very sternfirm and we can all respect that.
I'm no good at sports, so to me, my greatest achievement was first Manotaur. ;n;
I usually swear a lot, but I guess I can keep it to a minimum. Rest of the rules are pretty reasonable.
Most of it is just common sense really. Mild swearing is allowed.
in my case, would referring myself to as Blendin Blandin (like on a forum they say something about BB) could i say stuff like "I blah blah blah...." or would that be considered trolling. Because i LOOOOOVE this website and if i violate the rules i didnt mean to Angel
At least it's less strict than Gamefaqs. I can't tell you how ridiculous it is on that site sometimes.
(11-05-2012, 10:19 AM)toadfan64 Wrote: At least it's less strict than Gamefaqs. I can't tell you how ridiculous it is on that site sometimes.

I wanna know, I wanna know!
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(11-05-2012, 03:09 PM)GFDecoded Wrote:
(11-05-2012, 10:19 AM)toadfan64 Wrote: At least it's less strict than Gamefaqs. I can't tell you how ridiculous it is on that site sometimes.

I wanna know, I wanna know!

My first forum was an Animal Crossing forum. that place was strict. There were no custom avatars, signature space was only two lines of 75, no cursing at all was allowed, and even phrases like "crap" had filters on them. An over access of markup could result in a temporary ban. All roleplays had to happen in private threads, and even then, no romance at all was allowed. Not even holding hands.

So yeah, this is pretty dang laid back. Oh yeah, "dang" had a filter on it too.
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This is my first forum
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(11-05-2012, 03:09 PM)GFDecoded Wrote:
(11-05-2012, 10:19 AM)toadfan64 Wrote: At least it's less strict than Gamefaqs. I can't tell you how ridiculous it is on that site sometimes.

I wanna know, I wanna know!

Well one example I can give was there was some thread about something asian and in a joking manor I posted something like ching chong ping pong and I got heavily modded for that. Many people can't take jokes there.

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