A question about titles
I picked this out from the other thread, I wasn't sure if it would be appropriate to ask another question on someone else's thread, so I made a new one!

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I was wondering if more titles might be added on at a later date? Or maybe once we reach a certain point we might add our own? Personally, I would want to add "Zombie" to the list, maybe at like 1000 or something?? I don't know, I thought it might be fitting.

Thank you for your time. ;w;
Zombie is on the list. Zombie is what we chose to name accounts that haven't been activated. :)
Is it? Well darn.
But uhm, referring back to my first question, are those the set titles or are they subject to change?
They could still change - we're only at 9 episodes ateer all, there might still be better ones coming along. We're taking in suggestions too. :)
I personally wouldn't like to be called a Cuckoo Clock. I'd also kinda like to reserve Gobblewonker for a large amount of posts- 1,000 or maybe even 5,000 if this website gets more popular.
If anyone has a good replacement for the cuckoo clock or anything else, we'd love to know! :) We'll put something for 1000 posts soon. Maybe Gobblewonker, but who knows, maybe the next episodes give us even better ideas! :)
I was thinking Rumble McSkirmish might be a good title, and so might Jack-o-melon.
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Or the summerween trikster!!!
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I wanna be
a manotaur
like no one ever was
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I would like to be something beyond!!!!
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