[Image: NotPron.jpg]

(The "main page" links aren't there, it's just a picture I used for it)

So, yeah, it's a really hard riddle game, and it's pretty cool. A few parts are a bit like SFTBE.
I've gone through almost every level with walkthroughs oh gosh
...Sorry I don't have much to add to this...
It seems cool. Unfortunately, I'm not the Doctor with enough caliber to solve the riddles of NotPron.
Mind you, moose bites can get pretty nasty.
This used to be like a serious thing.
No one I know talks about it anymore.

My teacher recommended us go to the site for some reason, only a few people did.
NEW image in production
I'm keeping: Stan's Fez, F's Laptop, Pacifica's Dog, and ☆Bill's Top Hat☆

I found this when searching for 'otp'

Now I'm on level 3, trying to get to level 4...

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