Every conspiracy summed up leads to this theory
Alright, I'll just list my assumption as I go on and then get to the background part later. Again, before you guys go against me, remember this is a conspiracy theory, not a fact.

(1) Stanford has a brother, Stanley. Ton of proof behind this. Up till now, the sole way I distinguish Stanford and Stanley is their glasses. Stanford has a full rim, while Stanley has no bottom rim.

[Image: S1e9_young_stan.PNG]

Stanley living in an older version of the mystery shack.

(2) McGucket is the writer of the books. He's got the 6-fingered hand, and plus this:

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

As you remember, Mabel taught the settlers "high-fives". The symbol of the hand on the books are in "high-five" manner.

(3) There is a secret society in Gravity Falls named "The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel" We assume both Stans are part of this and Stanley founded this.

(4) The goal of this society is unclear, but I assume that stopping Bill Cipher (from doing something terrible) was a big goal.

(5) The portal at the end of Gideon Rises opened to infinite realms, of which one Bill Cipher exists in (probably called the Dream Realm).

(6) Soos was the assistant of Stanley. No proof behind this, but it seems likely, given the proof that "Than Handyman knows more than you think."

(7) Dipper and Mabel are the kids of Stanley Pines and Carla.

(8) The Aztec Sun Stone appears in many many episodes though people don't recognize. It's hard to tell what this symbolizes besides time (because the stone was used to tell time by the Aztecs).

(9) Bill knows all.

(10) Only 3 books, not 6.

(11) Stanley was a son or an assistant to McGucket

Okay, now I'll try to piece everything together. So, Mcgucket was a smart guy. He could create incredible machines. One of these was the portal. He created a portal to all realms, revealing, well, everything. Flashing back to the time traveler's pig, the settlers, with mcgucket, trademarked by the bandage on his chin, were traveling to Gravity Falls at the time, following their president, Quentin. So McGucket grew up there. As new creatures came out of the realms, he tried to document all of them.

The result of this were the books. One day, Bill came out. He was the most interesting character to McGucket, appearing to know quite a lot, but only appearing his dreams. For weeks. This can be seen in the books when McGucket exclaims how trustable a guy Bill was. But these lines are crossed out. They were replaced with, "Don't trust him" in red ink, appearing like blood. Bill corroded McGucket's brain! He took McGucket's fascination and curiosity and used it to gain strength and corrode his brain.

The last words McGucket could write with his sane brain was "Do not summon at all costs!" Before that, we assume McGucket was fighting against Bill in a psychic fight or something. Bill caused McGucket to cut off one of his fingers, and once McG (I'm tired of writing out his full name) knew that he couldn't win, he knew that he had to warn people to never summon him again, and lost control of his brain.

The reason Bill tried to take over McG's brain is that he probably knew that McG was the only one that could stop him from his evil intentions (probably something along the lines of realm domination, he was like a realm-consuming monster.) Anyway, at some point, McG when he probably realized Bill's intentions told Stanley or perhaps Stanley found out for himself. Either way, Stanley founded the order to stop Bill.

Stanford was in this. So Stanley traveled to track down Bill and stop him. When he found Bill, he somehow took him back to the portal and tried to lock him back into his realm. The whole time, his kids Dipper and Mabel had followed him. However, Stanley's kids interrupted in some way, and instead, Stanley was sent to the realm.

Bill probably disappeared in some flash of light. Meanwhile, Soos was the assistant to Stanley. He hid when Stanley was sent to the realm and he took on the responsibility of caring for Stanley's kids. After using some sort of mind-eraser he made sure they remembered nothing of Stanley's "trip" and probably made up some kind of excuse to send them to their uncle, Stanford.

Now Soos arrived at Gravity Falls before Dipper and Mabel so he told Stanford everything. Soos was their secret protector all along. They probably made up a fake background for him, and Wendy was in this. Again, she probably knows much more than she appears. And so, Stanford knows that collecting the 3 books will give him the portal to find his brother which explains why he wants to open the portal.

And yeah, that's pretty much it. Next season, Stan probably tells the kids their whole background story and they embark on a journey to find Stanley. That would be really cool. Anyway, if you have any sort of counter-evidence or additions to this theory, I would really appreciate it if you reply, and we can add on to this theory.
this theory is actually really good!! Convincing even. Maybe stan got his memory erased too? And d and m parents are actually secret agents.
And now for a history lesson!!!

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You're forgetting something. The twins are Stanford and Stanley's great nephew and great niece. Not Stanley's kids.
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(06-18-2014, 04:52 PM)ZeroGravityFalls Wrote: You're forgetting something. The twins are Stanford and Stanley's great nephew and great niece. Not Stanley's kids.

Lost me at that part too.
If Bill knows everything, why did he need the kids to lead him to Stan's memory? Shouldn't he have just know where it was?
(06-18-2014, 05:18 PM)Floating Eyeball Wrote: If Bill knows everything, why did he need the kids to lead him to Stan's memory? Shouldn't he have just know where it was?

It's possible the point of that whole exercise was just a dial up, to train the twins for the coming apocalypse.
If the "Stan" who said the code was gone forever was actually Bill. He could have been lying to Gideon the entire time, never intending to give him the code, but instead intending to hide it from him, thus causing the event's of the next episode, he'd already foreseen.

It's the difference between linear and lateral thought processes.
Cause and effect don't apply in the way we typically understand them.
Bill lives kinda by himself in a gap-dimension. He has pretty much total control over this space and he's kinda gained more insanity in there...

as for the mind-corroding part, yes. Definitely. 1500% chance.

as for what Bill wants to do, he wants to break as many dimensional walls as he can. He's getting kinda tired of living in his little fourth-dimensional box by himself.
and don't think he hasn't already had some success. He's done much more damage than should've been allowed. The hide-behind's still lurking in Gaviota somewhere and I have NO intention of trying to find it.
[Image: centipeetleresize_by_mf99k-d800fc6.gif]
Thanks for replying, guys! I appreciate that you took the time to read it. Anyway, I'm sorry, Zerogravityfalls, I mage a huge mistake hahaha, so maybe Stanley is their grandpa? Their parents seemingly play no important part in the plot of this show, because they don't appear to have symbols on the cipher. Maybe Stanley decided it would be better to purse Bill without his kid a.k.a. Dipper's dad/mom. Maybe Dipper's and Mabel's parents are dead? So they used to be in the order, but when they died, their symbols were erased from Bill Cipher's wheel. That implies that his wheel is "hitlist" perhaps? Is he going to kill all of these players? If he will, why didn't he do it before, when Gideon summoned him? Maybe they play a bigger part later in the story. Bill is not anchored to this realm, so he can't come whenever he wants. Therefore, he needs to be anchored. Maybe later, Bill tricks these people into anchoring him to this realm, and that's when "the darkness" is coming. Also I found this picture:

[Image: fTm2Nwm.jpg]

in the right side is Gideon's robot hand. This is more proof that Bill really does see everything in gravity falls with his "eyes" on the trees and everywhere else. These eyes have no physical matter, so they're not anchored to this realm so you can see them when Bill appeared and time appeared to stop. This implies that perhaps all the pictures that Bill flashed into during this time is the collective information of the eyes flowing toward him? So he collects the information when summoned. And yeah, sorry, Floating Eyeball, I didn't really mean he knew everything. More along the lines of he's observing everything.
Their parents aren't dead, we see them sending the twins off to Gravity Falls in the pilot.
I doubt Bill would warn them about a darkness that came when they summoned him if he was so delighted to come back.
I wouldn't say it proves that he sees everything with the eyes, considering there's not any eyes looking at that scene.
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Another 'fact' to add to my list: Blindeye is the name of the project of The Royal Order. More sense that their goal is do something to Bill.

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