Your dream journal
(03-20-2017, 07:59 PM)frozo Wrote: did you continue to be angry about it when you woke up

nah, I thought it was hilarious.
I'm about as edgy as a ball of raw cookie dough 
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I just had this one, getting it down before it fades. I think my entire family are staying in this very luxurious hotel, like reality, we haven't seen eachother in a while. I go off with my father, we meet out at these beautiful cliffs. I think we both drove their, which would be important. We talk and I end up carrying something for him, it's white and cartoonishly large but also light. He leads me down where there's these strange boulders, sort of shaped like square donuts all on their sides, lining the cliff face and wants me to follow him down. I follow him down but there are also these soft and light objects that cover the boulders from view and make the path precarious. I'm scared and ask my father to please help me but he just looks at me with a combination of dissappointment and disgust. I look at the bundle I'm carrying and realise theyre diapers for Jennifers baby. Angry at his non responsiveness I drop the package anx leave him somehow. I end up of all places a asian food shop, I need to get mung bean noidles but there are none. The shop leads back to the hotel where my family is again. I chastise my father for the incident with the boulders but he is defensive and unapologetic and it only leads to the same depressing dynamics so I just leave, or at least I think I do and then I wake up

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