Gravity Falls Vinylmation
Today on the Disney Parks Blog it was confirmed that a Mabel Vinylmation figure will be released at Disney Parks this Fall! The figure on the left will be an edition size of 1,350, while the figure on the right is an edition size of 150.

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We already have a thread about this. ^^
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
and I'll be there at the park that day to get it!!
I barfed in my mouth. EUUGGHJ
i am NOT a swede;
There are 2 Mabels in the Vinylmation Animation 5 set. It came out on Aug 22nd. One Mabel is a variant and very hard to get.

Regular Mabel from Animation 5 -
Variant Mabel from Animation 5 -

They are Disney Parks exclusives BUT you can buy them on the Disney Store website before they sell out -
You can also buy a tray which will guarantee that you'll at least get regular Mabel...........

I just have to get one of these!

*puts it in dream list of things i wish i can have*
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A twin pack and it's OWN SET!! Omggg I am buying a whole tray!!!!!!!!
BUMP this is HUGE news!!!!! ^^
I was at Disney World 3 weeks ago trying to find a Mabel in the Animation 5 set. I got the whole set including the chaser (Mr. Toad) minus Mabel + Fix-it Felix + the 2 Variants. At D-street (Vinylmation store at Downtown Disney) I saw a person who just got Mabel out of the blind trading case but she wouldn't trade with me because she needed Mabel too.

I went back to Disney World on Saturday and got Fix-it Felix from Magic Kingdom.. and then I saw someone who was holding Mabel getting ready to trade her and I asked her to trade me. I was wearing a Dipper shirt so she knew that I REALLLLY wanted it. I traded The People Mover Vinylmation for Mabel <3 I wanted to KISS her!!!!!!! I was soooo happy!

So now I have the whole set minus the 2 variants but I'm not going to stress about getting variant Mabel because I'm sure that I'll get it for Christmas.

I'm going back in Oct to get the Mabel Eachez Vinylmations.
Here's my pic

[Image: 10661247_1481088358816953_243286885_n.jpg]

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