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That's actually a pretty good Grunkle Stan.
Yes it is
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.
William Shakespeare
Dat Waddles.
I really want to do a GF cosplay for fanime but i dont know who to do yet.
If you open your heart you might like what you find.
I hast acquired a white hat
holding my blue fabric marker in hand I create... the one and only hat! my cosplay is complete!
(I'm not sending you pics, Loco.)
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I'm going to a convention later this year and I'm trying to convince my brother to cosplay GF with me.

Seriously, we're both brunettes who love the show. It'd be pretty cool.
2/15 - Can you come any faster?

Today's cuteness is brought to you by:

same sad history here... I'm trying to convince my brother to cosplay Dipper with me for this year's "Japonawa" (is like the biggest convention here in Tijuana) but he doesn't want ¬¬ he wants to be Light Yagami ¬¬
[Image: tumblr_mdzxy2j_TS41qgmg1do2_250.gif][Image: tumblr_mdzxy2j_TS41qgmg1do5_r1_250.gif]

Sorry if my english Sucks sometimes... I learned the language reading Harry Potter and watching That 70's show =S ..... xD
my friend went as mabel lst holloween and she was perfect! she has the exact hair, height, and personality!
So just in case anybody looks here in the future... or if anybody on this forum can suggest a better place for me to search to find Gravity Falls cosplayers, or just Gravity Falls fans aggregating in the real world...

2016, Labor Day Weekend, San Antonio Texas, there's an anime con called San Japan, and we're planning to have a Gravity Falls meet-up, come in cosplay or not, but spread the word, GF fans are awesome, let's find each other and hang out!

Gravity Falls Cosplay Society and Bingo Club of South Texas If you're in the region don't hesitate to join our Facebook group!

Here's the page for the San Japan meet up, exact day and time of the meet-up have yet to be decided.

If nothing else, I'll be there, and two of my friends are coming as Dipper and Mabel. I'm building a Bill Cipher puppet, and his physical form should be complete in time. Come hang out with us! Read scary stories! Get some deer teeth from Bill!

I've attached a photo of Bill's eye in progress. Hope to see somebody there - and if not, hope someone finds this post in the future, and makes their way to the Facebook group thanks to it!

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