okay, it's about time for an update.

sowsow12345 is a lowkey emo teenage loser. She tries her best but she doesn't succeed and, though she is rarely ever active, can be found in Random Stuff and sometimes the Discord or CyTube. sowsow likes alternative bands and other trashy things, save for herself. (She refers to herself as garbage but has too little self-esteem to appreciate her own trashiness.) She makes grammatical mistakes because of her crap computer and sometimes disappears for several months at a time for screwed-up personal reasons. She's also terrible at bio-type things, but hopes this one is at least sub-par.
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Time for an update!

Magpie, formerly known as GravityFallsGirl has been an active Shack user for over a year and a half - well, she spent half of 2016 inactive, but anyway, she's back now. She likes Gravity Falls, cats, magpies, RPing, Star Wars, Coldplay, The Cat Empire, Steven Universe, Gruen and cartoons in general, as well as other stuff. She tends to post a lot about Australian TV shows and celebrities and is a fan of Todd Sampson. She is also an INTJ and can sometimes be an asshole, but most of the time she's fairly friendly - over the internet, at least. She codes and makes graphics, and is a complete geek. Also an active user of sarcasm and a firm believer in logic.
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I do believe that whomever made this thread doesn't visit often anymore
Often enough........
The new mods can edit the op tho.
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DK is coming to steal your bananas. And kick some ass. And steal more bananas.
Yeah, I edited it last night and everything should be up to date now.
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not a ship

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