The Wondrous and Magical Hamsteaks (Let me tell you about Homestuck)
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What is Homestuck you ask?
Homestuck is a webcomic written by Andrew Hussie, an author currently rolling in our money(kickstarter). Told through amazing art work, chat logs, and Animations.

(I am not posting a direct link to the site, because it is in violation of the family friendly rules.(Homestuck fans think about it, It's not for little kids. ) Of course, Some kids do read homestuck, but....idk...)

If you want to read homestuck, It would be good if you had a lot of free time on your hands.(I started reading Homestuck last October, and I'm only on act five part 2. Almost the anniversary. :D )

But anyhow, this is a topic of homestuck, obviously spoilers are expected. Keep it PG and watch your mouth!
Have fun :D
Homestuck is awesome. Bottom line.
I don't think I've mentioned before how much I love Homestuck.
I love Homestuck. It is just so great. So great. I love Homestuck.
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I just got completely caught up with it and I really like it.
But I'm probably getting into it really late.
I still don't get it.
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Homestuck is awesome maaan (same with Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff)
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I just started to read Homestuck few days ago but I've only read a few...I'm liking it! *w*
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I read it all in a few days :3 I am 100% caught up.
I liek the word hamsteak. That's what I call sporks. (Yes. I call a spork, a cross between a fork and a spoon, a hamsteak.)
I know nassing about this. Somebody please teach me about dis.
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Let me actually tell you about Homestuck.

It all starts with a boy. It is his birthday and silliness ensues. Then he plays a game called Sburb. And it becomes more serious, escalating as the comic goes on. Eventually people die. Oh, and there are aliens called Trolls which represent the Zodiac. They die too. Basically, I can't even properly explain it because it's so complicated, but it's hilarious and awesome.
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Actually, everyone in this show is sorta like me.

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