The Wondrous and Magical Hamsteaks (Let me tell you about Homestuck)
it's currently active, but approaching it's conclusion soon, so says Hussie.
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i got a red hoodie.
it has cloth paint on it, but i am highly tempted to remove that.
and instead, make it look like a corrupt life hoodie, or a time hoodie.
oh, have you people ever tried changing the number in the s=6 at the end of the homestuck web address? try it.
it'll take you to the homestuck beta, and all the other adventures, like problem sleuth.
but the most interesting result is this:
OMG Homestuck *___*
I started to read it in English, but... I didn't understand anything lol so years after (like 1 or 2) I started to read it in Spanish. But it's veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long, so I stopped like two or three months ago.
But I like it, it's always like WHAT O_O
I've picked this up again due to OTC's recommendation. It's a lot more entertaining this round.

I still have a ridiculous amount to catch up on. Apparently Abia's reading it at the same time too so: ABIA! I CHALLENGE YOU TO TO REACH THE LATEST UPDATE BEFORE ME! YOU WON'T SUCCEED!
Just started Act 3

Looked up 'Davesprite' in google...goddammit. 9__9

Day 4
Seems that I am a lonely Homestuck traveller here. I'll just use this post to comment on my progress.

Currently reading Act 4 and nearing the end. Things really picked up around then and got awesome.

I'm still loving Karkat 69, John is hilarious, ditto for Jade...these characters are great.

Whose tutorial is better? Tie for Jade and know what I'm just going to go for Jade.

Still Day 4

Finished Act 4

Goddammit John! You don't have time for this!

Not even a minute later


A while later

Wow, that was hella intense. O__O

Day 5

Loving the trolls. I love Gamzee.

GO RED TEAM! BLUE TEAM SUCKS! is so hard not to hate Vriska right now... is even harder not to hate Vriska right now (I hate mind controllers :P)

haha but she can't even really deal with Karkats sick burns >:D

(if it wasn't clear: he's officially my favourite character now for all the dissing XD)


Gamzee is the shit.

Day 6

Oh. my. what.

Please someone/thing give me patience. XD

End of Act 5 Part 1: What? What just happened? O__O

Beginning of Act 5 Part 2: *flips out* 8D!!!!

Day 7

Ohh shit...they done fucked up.

Like really really FUCKED UP. 8O

...Jade's world is the best :D

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I am...conflicted with this turn of events...

Day 8

Ohh...the most important character in Homestuck huh? Oh dear...


Day 9


Day 10

Well aren't you hella awkward Doc... o__o;;;

Day 11-17?

Lost track of things. But, I'm in Act 6 now whoohoo! The final video was the longest yet. Everything is different now. Things are slow but I'm enjoying the ol newbies.

Day 18


Day 19


Just finishing Act 6 Act 3 and got me a huge serving of WHATTHEEVERLOVINGFUCK?!

(this is so wrong this is so wrong)

(seconds l8ter)

Oh thank god.
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Don't read Homestuck.

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