Mash it up Challenge
Hey! I'm new here. Gravity Falls is genuinely the ONLY show I watch on the Disney Channel. And it's also my favorite cartoon series. Did I mention that I'm 27 years old? (and you guys/gals aren't!? Hehe!) This show is EPIC. I love the mystery elements, the story pacing and the gags -- those commercials are a "Hoot!" and the music -- It's top notch.

So...cue akward segue:

I'm posting to see if anyone has available or has discovered the similarity between Brad's Made Me Realize (killer music by the way Thx Brad) and Grouplove's Itchn' on a Photograph?

I can totally hear the mashup in my head, but I lack the skills to compose it. (Perhaps Soos can!?) So... In my quest for getting these songs mashed I plead to the Forum Gnomes that someone mash'm up!

Pretty please, with sprinkles and Smile Dip on top!
Do you dare accept the challenge?
I haven't, probably since I'm only 15 though. I would do this if I had the stuff for it, but I'm using a game console to type this, so.
9-14 20-8-5 5-14-4 1-12-12 2-5-3-15-13-5-19 3-12-5-1-18
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