Poll: When did you joing the fandom?
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Summer 2012
34 24.82%
Late 2012
16 11.68%
Early 2013
15 10.95%
Summer 2013
9 6.57%
Late 2013
6 4.38%
Early 2014
3 2.19%
Summer 2014
20 14.60%
Late 2014
9 6.57%
Early 2015
12 8.76%
Summer 2015
13 9.49%
Total 137 vote(s) 100%
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When did you become a fan?
^ kind of similar but not as extreme for me. I introduced it to my sister and we watched the pilot together. I didn't like it though and only watched the first 2 or 3 episodes before giving up on it. Then a few days later I ran into my sister while she was watching Double Dipper. Was curious about that and wanted to see what happened, but I also generally try to watch series in order, so I ended up sitting through the first 6 other episodes to get to it. I didn't love them or anything but I did like it enough to watch the rest of the show. I don't remember when I started really liking it but it was either before or during NWHS. Sister ended up losing interest. So it was never the codes that did it for me but I did end up sticking with GF because of a family member.
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not a ship

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