Poll: When did you joing the fandom?
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Summer 2012
34 24.82%
Late 2012
16 11.68%
Early 2013
15 10.95%
Summer 2013
9 6.57%
Late 2013
6 4.38%
Early 2014
3 2.19%
Summer 2014
20 14.60%
Late 2014
9 6.57%
Early 2015
12 8.76%
Summer 2015
13 9.49%
Total 137 vote(s) 100%
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When did you become a fan?
We waited a whole year, and some lucky people discover GF like a month ago.
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(08-03-2014, 02:15 AM)SoosUnknown Wrote: We waited a whole year, and some lucky people discover GF like a month ago.
Some of the fans from when the show first began are a little up on their high horses and snooty;
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Go skeptics!
I joined way back right before Fight Fighters. My cousin sent me the link to the show. At first I didn't know what to think, but I quickly fell in love with it~ Although I didn't join any forums until a few months ago.
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I heard of it when it first came out a couple years ago, and it was getting all this attention for being a good kids show. But after hearing that it was on the Disney Channel, I was like "Pffft! Disney? The same channel that brought us Hannah Montana and all those other godawful shows? Pass."

I hadn't actually watched it until last month, and boy am I glad I was wrong.

i like cupcakes oohh yes i do

Keeping Sev'ral Timez embryo tube, Dipper's reverend costume, and Bill Cipher's page in Journal 2.

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Channel surfing brings many an interest. The promos interested me a bit, but it wasn't until Double Dipper that I really started to get into it. You know how it is: you're stuck at home with nothing to watch, and you say, "Hey, I've been meaning to watch this. Eh, let's see how it goes."
Next thing you know, you've joined a forum.
Late 2013, when I got all the episodes. But even before that, I so wanted to watch GF because of the art style and it's quirky charm (I was completely unaware of the mysteries and etc.) although GF's schedule here then was during hours when I'm busy with classes. And funny that my first impression of it was that it might just be another Phineas & Ferb sort of thing. God was I wrong.
Sadly, we have a shortage of fans in my place. ;(
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When I first saw the trailers for it, I thought it would just be another repetitive Disney cartoon. Boy was I wrong. My first episode was Legend of the Gobblewonker, but I didn't really like it at first, because it seemed like a scooby Doo ripoff. I got into the show around the time of The Inconveniencing, when I found a bunch of gravity falls theories that sounded really cool
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I noticed that many of you had first thought gravity falls was another bad disney show. xD
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
I just watched it at my friends house when it premired, I didnt join the shack till later.
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I didn't think it was another bad disney show,
I just thought it was a bad show.
i am NOT a swede;

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