Poll: When did you joing the fandom?
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Summer 2012
34 24.82%
Late 2012
16 11.68%
Early 2013
15 10.95%
Summer 2013
9 6.57%
Late 2013
6 4.38%
Early 2014
3 2.19%
Summer 2014
20 14.60%
Late 2014
9 6.57%
Early 2015
12 8.76%
Summer 2015
13 9.49%
Total 137 vote(s) 100%
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When did you become a fan?
(08-03-2014, 11:38 AM)MysterySeeker Wrote: I noticed that many of you had first thought gravity falls was another bad disney show. xD
Well Disney has made quite a reputation with itself- originally it used to have good-quality shows, but sometime around 2009/2010 it just made the same low-budget teen sitcom-type show to anyone who would give it to them. Gravity Falls is a very good show in a very bad place, and likely lost many would-be fans who took one look at the channel it was on and ignored it.
I think part of why I thought it was a bad show was the earlier promos. Dipper seemed like a stereotypical nerd, that scene with Mabel and the chips made her seem like she was made to make fun of fat girls or something, the sascrotch and the fly line made me think it would be mostly inappropriate humor, and there was just the 'zombies' and the ghosts, so it seemed like it would be all undead.

Gosh, it's like the exact opposite.
I didn't watch any promos before I started watching the show.
I learnt about Gravity Falls, because of this two pictures.
And I thought this show is... stupid.

However I decided to found out what this show is about. I read a review and thought this show could be interesting and I decided to watch first episode.
Thank god that I did it!
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At the beginning of tourist trapped, I was recently into illuminati so the triangles threw me of it, but after watching it I fell in love.
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When I first saw it I thought it was random humor sorta like spongebob, but then I looked it up and realized it had a story line and mysteries and I got hooked.
Early 2013. The first time I ever saw something Gravity Falls related was while I was browsing a popular meme site ( I don't watch much TV anymore). There was a gif of Mabel eating smile dip. You know the one; dipping the candy stick into the package but dumping the whole thing in her mouth instead. LOL. I thought it was random and funny so I did some research and, well, there you go!
First Gravity Falls fanart: Oct. 24 2012 and I quote
"This show
is awesome"

I watched each episode in order, but I wasn't hooked until Headhunters, and I've been all in ever since.

man i love headhunters

but yeah, a fan since late 2012.
I was hooked from day one, but I don't know if you can say I was part of the fandom at that time
[img]http://[Image: LalNozX.gif][/img]
I'd say early 2013, I remember seeing some bits and pieces of it in 2012 and thought it looked pretty good, the first episode I saw was Dipper VS Manliness in maybe November or December of 2012 and I thought it was ok it wasn't until Boss Mabel premiered that I started watching it a lot more and I really loved it.
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I remember being around the first episode still being on repeat.

Not entirely for the premier tho. Just when they do those re runs?
just do it.

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