Poll: When did you joing the fandom?
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Summer 2012
34 24.82%
Late 2012
16 11.68%
Early 2013
15 10.95%
Summer 2013
9 6.57%
Late 2013
6 4.38%
Early 2014
3 2.19%
Summer 2014
20 14.60%
Late 2014
9 6.57%
Early 2015
12 8.76%
Summer 2015
13 9.49%
Total 137 vote(s) 100%
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When did you become a fan?
I really liked Gravity Falls ever since I watched the premiere of "Tourist Trapped" on June 15, 2012, but I didn't really become hooked on it until around September 2012 when I saw "The Time Traveler's Pig" and "Fight Fighters".
I'd heard about the show around the web, but I didn't get around to watching it until earlier this summer, and I was hooked from day 1. Good thing I started watching it when I did, because a few weeks later I heard about season 2 coming out in August 2014, and over the next few weeks I blazed through the rest of season one.
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I first found out about the show in late 2012 (the first clip I remember watching was Mabel being high on the smile dip), and while I thought it was funny, I didn't watch an episode in full until early 2013. I've been a fan ever since.
I saw "Tourist Trapped" around the time when it first premiered. I was expecting it to be mediocre and predictable, but it was actually very funny and clever. I thought the twist about Norman being a bunch of gnomes was hilarious. Despite liking the first episode, I didn't keep watching because I thought I was too cool to watch Disney shows.

Then last summer before the season finale there were a lot of reruns on, and one day I decided to watch. The episode was "Double Dipper". Ever since the show started I thought it was really weird that a character was named Dipper, and every time they said his name I would think, "What kind of parents would name their child Dipper?", so when he revealed the whole thing about his birth mark and Wendy said "I thought your parents just hated you", I thought it was hilarious and was sold. I watched the whole show the week of the finale, and have been hooked ever since.

This has been one of the shows that got me interested in animation, and has inspired me to study animation and hopefully someday make my own cartoon.
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The day it first aired :) I honestly couldn't wait for more episodes.

(...and hoping that it wasn't going to get taken off the air. They took a brief hiatus before the Time Traveler's Pig Episode, I remember googling whether it had been canceled or not.)
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I became a fan the moment I saw the first episode!

Mabel is just so freakin funny! xd
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Only started watching it recently. I still can't believe how nobody that I know even mentioned it, it's just so good!

When I started watching it, I did have a familiar feel though. I might have seen some gifs of it in certain places.
It's not the first time I discover something so good quite late, it happens all the time to me :/
(except with MLP, I was on that sh*t right after the first season finished airing, good times)
It's actually kind of depressing that I only discovered it now, but oh well, nothing I can do than enjoy my time now :p
Well, My Little Pony and Gravity Falls are oft considered to be similar enough to have a lot of fandom overlap. I like both, as well. ^.^
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Content wise they are quite different IMO, but I knew a lot of people who would over analyse my little pony, coming up with crazy theories on how magic worked and why/how there were 2 princesses running the government, but seen as some kind of sun/moon gods.
So I wouldn't be surprised that those people like GF a lot too. It's also kind of the same colour scheme which makes them both look really good. MLP does have a different art style though (the other boundries of characters are a colour while in GF it's black).

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