Star vs. the Forces of Evil
It looks pretty adorable so far! Star's attitude is really fun to watch, and it's nice to see her becoming friends with Marco.
My one complaint is that they seemed too casual about the results of Star's magic when it didn't apply to Marco. Things are frequently destroyed and someone was even carried off by her own creation without anyone saying anything. It feels rather selfish, and I hope it gets brought up soon.
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I enjoyed the first few episodes. My only complaint is that the first one was too fast paced (it should have been a 22 minute episode), but other than that everything was good. The animation is great, as one would expect from Disney, and the story is fun, but what really sells the show for me are the characters. Both of the main characters are very entertaining to watch and while being funny and crazy are still relatable. Characters are what make or break a show for me, so it is a good sign that I like them. I'll definitely watch more episodes.
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I'm diggin' this show and i'm definitely sticking around for the rest.
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I knew this show was going to be good :D
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her design and look reminds of that girl robot who also fought the forces of evil (i cant remember her name tho)
I really like this show, okay? If GF could cut the timeline a bit (They wouldn't have to, I'll explain here in a sec) They could make a crossover with Star Vs. The forces of evil! But really, I see it as being more on star's side, since GF's production is done and Star is just getting started, so really I would enjoy dipper and Mabel non canonly being visited by Star and Marco in an episode of SVTFOE. Plus, I really don't care about your opinions anymore. Giving the exception of MysterySeeker, TJoJ, soosunknown, and FE. Yeah that's all I have to say, see ya.
My opinions aren't to bad, BLARG.

I honestly don't know if it deserves one, as I haven't seen any episode and will probably just wait a bit on it. I'll definitely check it out soon enough.
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You'll like, I promise. (BTW, how come on my phone it won't let me upload an avatar?)
Just watched the first episode this morning, gotta say I really enjoyed it.

I mean sure it's a little over the top for me and could use some better name schemes but it feels like a step toward more expressive and unique animated shows for America.

(01-20-2015, 01:12 PM)unseeyoulater Wrote: her design and look reminds of that girl robot who also fought the forces of evil (i cant remember her name tho)
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yeah it reminds me of her i dont know why!
but overall i fell in love with the show and im already in the tumblr fandom :)))
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