Star vs. the Forces of Evil
How many episodes of this are out?

And just gonna say it, the animation kinda peeves me. I think it's just how her eye outline is seen through her hair. ewbejg
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so like they premiered it technically in january BUT the actual show comes out on the 30th of march
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For me the show has it's pros and cons
pros being the fast pace the enjoyable characters and the fun set up
cons being it reminds me WAY too much of wonder over Yonder (BTW i do like that show)
even though the fast pace works for comedy this show i kind of also story based which means the plot goes by WAY too fast
and even though I like star she can get annoying sometimes even though overall i like her
I'll defiantly keep watching it It's a fun time but it does have it's faults
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Not trying to Spam but I have a review of Star VS the forces of evil on my TV Show and Movie Review thread if anyone wants to check it out
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Wow, that was quick. It got renewed! Can't wait!
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Has it even aired for real yet?? How can a series get renewed so quickly without even 5 episodes? Doesn't it need a certain # of views?
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I think it's pretty crazy that's it's already guaranteed a new season, but it's nice to see that they're confident it's good enough for (at least) one more. :D
So, the pilot aired immediately after the latest episode of Gravity Falls (which was a smart move by Disney). I watched it, and personally I felt it was...a tad weak. Having said that, I'm not necessarily going to hold that against the show and might look into watching another episode.

I'm not sure how I can put how I felt about the pilot into words, really. The pacing was crammed a bit; the plot was mediocre; and Star's personality seemed just a bit too obnoxious. Part of me wants to chalk this up to the episode being a pilot and trying to "establish" the show. Another part of me wonders if the show will be able to get over it's (in my eyes) weak opening.

I guess only time will tell. I still want to try to give the show a chance, because I tend to give slack to pilots in general. I dunno though.
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I'm kind of with you. Personally I found the characters likable, but the pacing was so off and the plot was mediocre. Like you, I will watch more before I make my final judgement. Sometimes it takes a few episodes for shows to really get good.
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I enjoyed the pilot. It was a bit too fast-paced but it had a lot of heart and had some GREAT animation. I mean everything was constantly in motion, nothing went awkwardly still, it all flowed brilliantly in the visuals. It was a cute episode and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series; it clearly has a lot of effort put into it so I'm excited to see where it goes.
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