General Webcomics Thread!
I've got a number of webcomics I've been following regularly for a while:

Brawl in the Family is a funny little gag-a-day comic (with the occasional brief story-arc) based around Nintendo games, especially those featured in Super Smash Bros (sadly, it looks like the author will be retiring the comic at the end of this year).

Friendship is Dragons is a "campaign comic", which takes screen-caps from an existing work of fiction and re-interprets story-lines from the show (with a few twists) as the results of a tabletop role-playing session; in this case, it does for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic what Darths and Droids did for the Star Wars trilogies.

Order of the Stick is an epic action-comedy set in a world based on Dungeons and Dragons, mercilessly parodying (and occasionally deconstructing) the various tropes and cliches along the way.

xkcd is an entertaining gag-a-day geek-humor comic done almost entirely in stick figures, with the occasional clever infographic throw in for good measure.

Other good ones I've discovered (and really need to catch up on) include Heavenly Nostrils, the every-day adventures of an ordinary girl who becomes best friends with a unicorn, and Freefall, a sci-fi comedy covering the adventures of "a larcenous squid in an environment suit" and his crew of a naive robot and a savvy uplifted wolf-girl engineer.
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Order of the Stick
I am currently rereading kitfox crimsons nuzlockes. ^.^
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Oh yeah! Anarch! That reminds me~ I love BITF too!

Oh, and Gamercat is also a neat comic~ I haven't mentioned that before, have I?

@Seeker- Kitfox has awesome nuzlockes. After you finish you should read Nuzrooke or Odd Ones
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(08-18-2014, 04:13 AM)D0GE Wrote: @Seeker- Kitfox has awesome nuzlockes. After you finish you should read Nuzrooke or Odd Ones

Yeah, its the third time that i read them. xD

Oh, by the waym i already read both of those nuzlockes xD
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Dresden Kodak. It's pretty hilarious, smart , and Dieselpunk-y (more evident in the later volumes) but some content may be anti-religious. I still enjoy it, even though I'm a practicing Catholic.

I've also read Lackadaisy and idolized the art style 'till the updates slowed down. Kinda disappointed that the creator seems to spend more time doing humanizations of her characters rather than getting it on with the comics or doing more artworks with her characters in their original forms.
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Broodhollow *
Devils Candy *
Cucumber Quest **
Harpy Gee
Prague Race
Stand Still Stay Silent *
String Theory*
Trial of the Sun
The Meek *
Avas Demon *
Paranatural *
The Fox Sister
True Magic
Rice Boy
Gunnerkrigg Court
Last Halloween
Gone With the Blast Wave
Hark a Vagrant!
Manley Guys doing Manly Things
Happle Tea
Daughter of the Lilies

* Seriously recommend to GF fans
* Seriously recommend in general
The webcomic I actually read is xkcd
^I occasionally read this too.
Anyone read String Theory?
I recommend Ava's Demon. Beautiful artwork with eye candy colors, and an interestingly twisted plot. Also every chapter or so, there is an animated segment. It's still updating, but it is prone to hiatuses. This is due to the creator making books of it on the side.

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I'm addicted to the colors.
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