General Webcomics Thread!
(09-08-2015, 08:19 PM)Hanaurie Wrote: *Ahem*

The Meek *
Cucumber Quest *
Trial of the Sun
Prague Race
Stand Still Stay Silent *
Broodhollow *
String Theory*
Avas Demon *
Paranatural *
The Fox Sister
True Magic
Rice Boy
Gunnerkrigg Court
Last Halloween
Hark a Vagrant!
Manley Guys doing Manly Things
Happle Tea

* Seriously recommend to GF fans
* Seriously recommend in general

*High Pitch Screaming*

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Is it weird Prudith is my fav?

(at least until Sloth appears...)
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I forgot one: Gone With the Blast-Wave

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It's been over for a while, but Terror Island is pretty hilarious in the strangest way.

Monster Pulse is pretty interesting, and follows a similar rule with its monsters as Paranatural.
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I've looked into Monster Pulse. It's good just simply not for me. I'll check out Terror Island.


Unsounded (Click to View)
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So this is a DB fan series? Neat.
Most of the webcomics I read are not exactly complex, and maybe not that well known. xD

Collectors Comic
Dumbing Of Age
Questionable Content
The Inexplicable Adventures Of Bob
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Man, I need to catch up on Blindsprings at some point.

Anyway, I read Homestuck, Ava's Demon, Tripping Over You, and Hotblood! (which is almost over, sadly).

I'm afraid to link to TOY directly since the comic does address some sexual themes, but doesn't really go above the PG-13 level in terms of content. It's about two British boarding school students, Milo and Liam, who start dating and generally centers around the shenanigans surrounding their relationship. It's very much a fluffy slice-of-life comic that knows just when to be a little more serious and I always look forward to seeing it update. Also, Milo and Liam are actually the cutest.

Hotblood is a comic about centaurs in the old west. I would summarize it, but you're probably just better off reading the first three pages.
Where'd you leave off with BlindSprings might I ask? Things have been going down for a while now...
(Also, if you like it might I recommend Prague Race to you?)

Hotblood is good. I also read Hotblood.

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