Corrupt a Wish!
The legendary game where you wish for something, and it's granted! The catch? It's corrupted...
P1: I wish for chocolate.
P2: Accepted, but there's no sugar in it so it's bitter as heck. I wish for cake.
DO NOT completely change the wish around like this:
P1: I wish for water to drink.
P2: Accepted, but it's actually acid. I wish for call of duty games, YOLO shirts and justin bieber and one direction albums.

Okay. I'll begin.

I wish to live in Gravity Falls.
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Everyone in Gravity Falls hates you and begins to suspect you for all the mysterious stuff going on.

I wish I was Mabel's best friend.
Granted, but she forces you to wear a sweater that makes you a complete laughingstock.

I wish I had an infinite supply of money.
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Granted, it's monopoly money.

I wish I could sense ghosts!
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Granted, but since you are now aware of their presence they are out to get you.

I wish to have a docile pet wolf.
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Granted, but it's not docile around you ohohohoho

I wish i was rich and cool
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Granted but you soon turn into Pacifica.

I wish I had delicious pie.
Granted, but that pie is actually super poisonous

I wish I could speak any language
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Granted, but you will always be speaking the wrong language around others.

I wish I was an Olympic tennis player.
Granted, but you encounter a serious injury that doesn't let you play anymore

I wish everybody wasn't so paranoid about the Illuminati.
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