Name three little known facts about yourself!
As the title says, I want you to name three facts about yourself that not many people know. I'll start!

1. I'm a brony! (Don't hate)

2. I'm an identicle twin! :D

3. I'm a Norse pagan.

Not many people know these things about me. So what about you guys?

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oooohhh, a twin?

1. I'm always at a different temperature than everybody. Which makes this fact bloody annoying.
2. I was bullied a lot as a kid.
3. I'm slowly getting over my anxiety.
And now for a history lesson!!!

Throughout history, stickers have been the backbone of many great civilizations. The Ancient Greeks even used leaches for stickers! The more stickers you have, the cooler you were! The Ancient Aztecs chest skull was the modern equivalent of today's: "Orange You Happy Mon?"

ok okay gauge take a TC Casell.

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I have anxiety too, KoS.

1. I used to live in Michigan for a short time.
2. While in Michigan, me and my sister found an old house that was burned down, it was covered with snow when we found it, but the roof was arched at a way where we could climb on top of it and sit up there and look at all the snow. Nostalgia.
3. I used to eat Corn but now I dislike it.

Wow that's some pointless stuff.
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Ooh look we can be like, anxiety triplets. I'm glad you're getting over it :)

1) I'm a huge Disney fan
2) When I was little, I tried to be Peter Pan and fly from the stairs. I ended up breaking my nose
3) I dislike strawberries
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1. I once got a washer stuck on my finger, I had to go to the ER
2. Despite what you might think with all the blue and green, red is my fav color
3. I once got stung on my nose by a hornet on my sixth bday. I'm allergic to hornet stings. -.-

1. I am inexplicably drawn to the cold, and have an air affinity, which results in being surrounded by breezes.
2. I love music.
3. I have a very dark sense of humor.
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1. I can sing like an opera singer.

2. I wear pants with flannel in them during summer.

3. My friend's little brother almost accidentally hung me.
(09-02-2014, 01:56 AM)BLARG Wrote: 3. My friend's little brother almost accidentally hung me.

Holy, what the heck happened?
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I'd put that I have a twin but I think everyone already knows that.

1. I wear jackets in the summer, because I'm used to it.
2. I'm psychic.
3. I once passed out in the check out lane of Walmart, it wasn't fun.
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1. I like the gen 3 Pokémon Animé themes the best
2. I hate New Super Mario Bros. 2
3. I think this thread is a copy of the SECRETS thread
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