My one and only Gravity Falls fanart
So... This my one and only fanart of Gravity Falls to the date, can't tell for sure if there are more to come but... There ya go!

It's Mabel and Waddles!

You can also see it on dA:
(You can download the full size version there too :3)

Make sure you check out my gallery there too, please. I would be really grateful if you do :)
Holy crapsacks that's good. I award you with ten million good things.
[Image: tumblr_inline_myi4zlz1vq1s0o6rj.jpg]

That is beautiful!
I want to eat your hat i tell ya what

That is one of the best drawings of mabel and waddles I have ever seen!
I may be the book 1 but you can call me Zero!
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