Can anyone tell me all the GF merchandise that has been released and is now availabl?
so I know about all the stuff that's coming out but what GF merchandise has been released and is now available. Please tee anything that is now out . THAAAANKS
We have this and books! and vinlymation and Poster!

You can also browse the merch section for more.
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Why yes I would like to sleep on Cipher's face...(I guess?)
currently there has been a smalal range of gravity falls merchandise

plush: at the time a barfing gnome waddles and mabel plush have been realesed

figures: there is currently a lineup of gf figures with journal pages including
Dipper w/gnome

Mabel w/waddles

there are others but many are hard to find the easiest way to get them all is with the 6 pack that comes with stan, dipper, soos, wendy, mabel, and gideon

Tshirts: officialy liscened shirts can be found at hottopic but you can buy many different gravity falls tshirts online

Hats: dippers pinetree hat is sold on amazon for about 9 dollars and recently you can also buy stans fez along with various other things like winter hats with dippers pinetree

costumes: there is currently a very cheap (not actaully but its a very crappy costume set) of dipper or mabel from disguise on amazon i personally reccomend to go out and actaully buy for dipper
Blue puffer vest
Pinetree hat (listed above
cargo pants
Red shirt, as it will look much more authentic as for mabel a headband plain purple sweater and small skirt will do
There is also a barfing gnome mask that has extendable rainbow barf
Also if you really want it amazon sells an unoffiacly liscened bill cipher hat labeled as evil triangle demon tophat

books: there have been several book adaptations of gravity falls episodes alll season 1 sorry along with a version of journal 3 as written by dipper and mabel Dipper and mabels guide to mystery and nonstop fun
as of 2016 there will be a gravityfalls choose your own adventure book Curse f the time pirates and a replica of journal 3 (very exited for that one

Dvds: You can buy the entire first season excluding the finale on two seperate dvds
although there entire alot of merch officialy theres alot of cool shops on etsy so fially ill leave you with a bill cipher plush on etsy

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