Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
I'm pretty sure we don't have a thread for this. So basically it's a youtube series that is about puppets learning lessons. There is 3 now because the 3rd came out today. They did a kickstarter a few months back and got a ton of money for them to make 4 more episodes. There are really deep meaning to them. Sorta freaky though. Anyway here's a link to the 1st one:
Anyone watch these yet?
I have watched the newest one today and I think this one was really weird for DHMIS standard. They did Love God before GF.
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I've watched the first two. But I'm hesitant to watch the third one. The second one gave me creeps for WEEKS when I first watched it a few months ago. *Shudder*
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TBH I felt that having a third one now, they're kinda just dragging on how long they can make it last
1 was great, 2 was good, and the 3rd had enough that it was odd but lacking in something maybe because the surprise factor is gone, because by the 3rd one u kno something weird is going to happen and you're constantly waiting and when it comes it's not living up to what the other ones were
but if it's what the people want
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Contain tiny creepy souls...

I prefer to not watch almost real looking or puppets in general
Because they have something spooky about them I tell you...
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Number 2 was the spookiest
Here you go:

badabing, badaboom

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New one was okay. I feel like DHMIS is getting better in production value and art direction but weaker in the disturbing factor that made the original so memorable. I like the lack of gore in this one but the buildup was better than the payoff I feel. Haven't felt spooked or had a pit like the first one gave me. Still good productions but...Iunno, feels like the first is still the strongest as far as emotional impacts go.
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