S2 Cryptic images
(12-12-2015, 01:28 AM)Mabel-icious Wrote: I have an idea as to why the shooting star symbol is on Ford's head. I mean, I wasn't expecting it to be that way at first considering the Dipper-Ford and Stan-Mabel parallels, but I've been thinking about it and maybe it's because they were/are both the ones who needed/need to be saved.

Think about it: Mabel was being held in a bubble prison and Ford is captured and trapped as well, both by Bill. Dipper, Wendy, and Soos saved Mabel. Considering how Dipper saved his twin...that means Stan will go to save his twin. Which is why the shooting star is on Ford's head and the Pine Tree will be on Stan's. To symbolize that Ford and Mabel are the ones who have to be saved, and Dipper and Stan are the ones who have to save their twins.

Yep, this lines up very well with what I'm thinking, that Stan will save Ford or at least have a big part in it and will have the pine tree so could be...
18-23-20-19-20 8-15-21-4-3-6-19-5 22-12-19-23-21-16-19-20 22-25 5-3-10
-faded pictures bleached by sun

4-16-19 4-23-12-19'5 4-9-12-20, 4-16-19 5-3-11-11-19-6'5 20-9-10-19
-The tale's told, the summer's done

15-10 11-19-11-9-6-15-19-5 4-16-19 8-15-10-19-5 5-4-15-12-12 8-12-23-25
oj kskifose dps hojse edoll hlwy
-In memories the pines still play

9-10 23 5-3-10-10-25 5-3-11-11-19-6'5 20-23-25
ij w ecjjy eckksf'e twy
-on a sunny summer's day

Faded pictures bleached by sun
A tale's told, the summers done
In memories the pines still play
On a sunnny summers day

[Image: 67QrCp5.jpg]
Ten symbols placed a wheel
Hand in hand they'll bond the seal
But break the chain, and pay the cost
The prophecy will all be lost
[Image: grunkle_stan_fan_button_by_requestbuttons-d6f8c3l.png]
This character showed me more than school could do
The puzzle is now complete but my heart is empty, anyway my fellings are not the point,
All the end cards, put together, form this picture that will remind me gravity falls :
[Image: mini_160217125021939159.png]
And like always the links for the big picture !
Don't forget that you can zoom !

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