Era-tics: A look into our history
This is so far, how this forum has looked from the eyes of the three blind scribes, SoosUnknown, Blendin' Blandin', and ♡ arson-sasport ♡(u da u da best)

Golden Era c. Summer 2k13 - c. Spring 2k14 (Debatable)
A time of peace, and much unlike the drama that's bestowed the once humbled forum, a place of solitude and solid theories, many happily given by an abundance of users. Many users were still coming, and many were still joining, and there was always a theory you hadn't seen before. The creation of forum shipping that wasn't too overdone (GrapplingHook! and DreamDemon)
It was the truly best time, the time I was most active

Dark Ages c. Spring 2k14 - Summer maybe but time is an illusion
Sadly, the peaceful moments of life were at a standstill, and the enemy rode in to burn our own Library of Alexandria. The nefarious OTC with his pathetic attempts to get Ayaze banned and be a general nuisance, which in turn got himself banned, and in turn he made 3 accounts. The Squooby-Duu, the possibly worst theorist and torment of all in the fandom, he has recklessly abandoned all humanity to feed his insane need of Mabels clone, Lebam.

The Soos and Fe Swaggyville Era B) c. summer 2k14 - it nvr ends bbyyyy
Truly, the finer moment of retouchings and friendship reunited. Squoo had been banned and OTC left to a similar fashion thanks to me & Blendin' Blandin' ;O you're welcome. History is written by the victorious. Happiness was found through the land, even if our number of members slowly fleeted, IRC was revived. Soos was now top poster, and shared the title of favourite user along with FloatingEyeball. This meant things had to go wrong.

Dirt Era c. Summer also - Now
The slow creeping sense of explosion was too imminent on our own era, like the dual sense to our sensibility, we lavished in our enjoyment too much to notice the beginning of an end. The return of OTC, the creation of Bugtropolis, the continuation of the shipping thread (and with it forum shipping (But one that reached a WHOLE NEW LOW)), all carefully plotted and planted to reek disaster in the coming weeks. Drama, like the waves upon the shore, reached us ever rising. We didn't listen.

Many historians reference the dirt era somewhere ending when it got even worse, thus the Rock Bottom Era was compiled to show that even when you're covered in dirt; there's always something else to cry about.
The three blind scribes predict a helpful wave of happiness once the dust has settled back over this land, bringing us into the Era of the Diamond.
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The peaceful Era

When OTC first signed up for the forum he seemed like a nice member but it turns out he was hiding something evil under that seemly nice mask.

This is called the peaceful era or the pre-OTC era, when the forum was peaceful and only worried about adbots which did get fixed later on. That was the time I also joined the forum and later would play a big role.

One could not imagine what would happen to the forum during this time. Sadly, I left the forum within this time after it got stale.

In conclusion, this was a peaceful yet boring era when me blender and arson signed up (along with FE the mystery trio and others).

This was a great period in the shacks history, and the elders of the shack (most not with us) have paved the way towards the future. What a dangerous path it was.

Our admins were also active in this time, helping new users but slowly they went inactive, by the time we reached the dark ages, they had all disappeared. But it was in this time FE our great mod was elected, it was a glorious day one we shouldn't forget.
FE has helped out many users and is a great mod. He has been the one taking care of the forum for a year now.
After the admins were inactive .
~~If you have concerns, please send it to one of the mods~~

You guys are actully doing this? Awesome. :D

Although the admins were no longer active, when me Val and KoS joined the forum. xD
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Does OTC know that he is hated by everyone?

and nice work it comes together
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Holy shit! And I thought I was the only who actually hated OTC (I'll call him Ceiling from this point)! I can't forget how rude he was to Scrawny and me in one of the Conspiracy Theories threads. I like how Neo owned him in the shoutbox the last time he crawled back here. Plus I thought you and Ceiling were... friends... arson?

I actually got started here in the Dark Ages. A lot of fellers were still active like Crasger and ShootingStar. Ceiling was there, being sort of a prick, but I didn't mind 'cause he was more snide than obnoxious that time. I stopped logging in here 'till July of this year when I had my best summer. A lot of the regular people I was familiar with were gone, but fellas whom I've never met before like Soos and Seeker started becoming, for lack of a better word, omnipresent (it's a complement!). I wouldn't call this period right now bad though. Sure, there's a lot of drama, especially with Bugtropolis, but a lot of awesome fellas like MauxJedi, mcpon, Neo, maneatingspiders, and Mino joined in.

And cool chronicling blind mice! Keep it up!
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A lot has changed form when i started becoming active again. For example, the people who singed up around the same time as me, are almost all gone. (Razi, KoS, Kid etc.)

Also, in my head there are kind of "Forum Generations" like, people who signed up around the same time, or became active again. (To me, you, Kill, and Docco are in the same generation) It probably sounds confusing, but thats just the way i see it.
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Yeah I almost forgot about KoS! I wonder when they'll be back, Razi & Kid included.

*I'm the new Avatar and woke up from slumber months ago*
Actually, I was a bit depressed last May, that's why I stopped for a while. When I went with my Pops in late June to the new city he currently works in to spend my summer vacation, I felt happy enough to log back in ('cause I had more space to myself). I don't really like logging in here when I'm with people, see (not that I think it's embarrassing; I just can't think straight with people breathing over my shoulder all the time).

Anyway, I'm curious as to what post got Squoo banned (and Ceiling, if he is indeed banned).
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Well, OTC did return after a few months. ALthough, now he is inactive again.
Anyway, i think Sqoou got banned because he said something about FE.
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Uh-oh, not good. FE's a really nice guy. Can't imagine why someone would trash talk on him.

I'm just wondering what arson meant by:
(11-18-2014, 06:57 AM)♡ arson-sasport ♡ Wrote:
The nefarious OTC with his pathetic attempts to get Ayaze banned and be a general nuisance, which in turn got himself banned, and in turn he made 3 accounts.

Plus who's Blendin' Blandin'?
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OTC made some accounts (for whatever reason) and blandin blendin is one of the old shack users from The dark era, he just comes on irc.
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