Era-tics: A look into our history
Oh I see. Geez I have to try the irc sometime.
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(11-18-2014, 03:47 PM)DrKillpatient Wrote: Holy shit! And I thought I was the only who actually hated OTC (I'll call him Ceiling from this point)! I can't forget how rude he was to Scrawny and me in one of the Conspiracy Theories threads. I like how Neo owned him in the shoutbox the last time he crawled back here. Plus I thought you and Ceiling were... friends... arson?

I actually got started here in the Dark Ages. A lot of fellers were still active like Crasger and ShootingStar. Ceiling was there, being sort of a prick, but I didn't mind 'cause he was more snide than obnoxious that time. I stopped logging in here 'till July of this year when I had my best summer. A lot of the regular people I was familiar with were gone, but fellas whom I've never met before like Soos and Seeker started becoming, for lack of a better word, omnipresent (it's a complement!). I wouldn't call this period right now bad though. Sure, there's a lot of drama, especially with Bugtropolis, but a lot of awesome fellas like MauxJedi, mcpon, Neo, maneatingspiders, and Mino joined in.

And cool chronicling blind mice! Keep it up!

I like OTC.

And MauxJedi is pretty cool.
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The shipping era This is a sub era but a notable one nonetheless.

The shipping thread dates back to 7-30-2014 and ended on 9-17-2014.

It was made by Seeker meant to bring fun onto the boring wait for season 2, at first it was a harmless game and the famous Mysteryfaller ship was made(Valxseeker) people liked this ship because of how close a relationship they both had. The next big ship was FExSoos, this ship though only lasted a short time managed to gather a huge fanbase on the forum (I don't know what anyone saw on it) It went as far that someone made an account for it. Eventually me and FE grew tired of it and asked for it to be ended, the ship had died but there was a new one just around the corner.

The Valxkid ship (dubbed valid) was a very popular one and didn't die in popularity until the thread was closed, this ship grew a massive fanbase and has fan fiction around it too, this was as big as the FEsoos ship, and who knows it might actually be canon. (Val and kid talk on Skype).
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(11-18-2014, 04:19 PM)DrKillpatient Wrote: I was a bit depressed last May, that's why I stopped for a while.

I'm sorry to hear that, man.

So I wonder what the future will bring.. Hopefully something way peaceful.

Lol Soos "Who knows it might actually be cannon" I can't stop laughing.

Yea that fanfic I wrote about Kid and you was sorta a "in the moment" thing.
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A lot of this timeline might be a bit messed up with your own understandings, but that's understandable, given time is an illusion and we're only 3

I'd like to expose a little more on OTC, especially since I'd forgotten many might not be acquainted with the stories, and also because OTC's storyline actually ties in to many different eras. I should also note that there will be many more, if needed, more in depth paragraphs on other eras and even things from behind the scenes, unseen from forum eyes. I thank you all for staying with us and appreciating what we've done

Now, my knowledge for the Squoo dilemma is not so good, seeing as I wasn't there for much of it, so if anyone has anything to say, they're welcome.

Now, OTC joined sometime in june (Golden Era), i know because i'd joined only a month after him and was once a friend of his along with Blendin' Blandin'. We were active on for a good several months(starting @ december) of friendship which slowly unveiled it's true form in the horrible weirdo that is otc. From the month he joined to December, he was well enough likable, and even for the whole of december an alright guy. Chill, even. However, I'd say that all changed over winter br8k, seemingly overnight, on a January 2-3 I think, we'd noticed a change in his attitude. Of course, this was likely after a long period of slow changes, which we'd never noticed until that one lone moment when we realized he's kinda cray.
Now, we stayed because in our hearts we thought we could change this problem into a swaggy guy, we had hope to bring back the dream of Once Upon A December. That was all for shit though, when we later learnt he was unchangeable, yet still we had hope, still we thrived, Blendin' and I flourished our friendship while making fun of otc, and on the off chance he was okay for a day, we were alright. But was OTC? No. In fact, even before, we'd found another account he had, one where he was obviously not trying to hide the fact it was him, or he's just the worst actor I've ever seen. After that he made another, I'm sure you'd know the two as Gratuitous Doors and Stealth Cavalier, all banned the same 2nd time OTC was.
I think it was sometime before the Ayaze incident otc had a semi long hiatus on the forum, only to return two months later (dark ages), except was he really ever gone? Actually, no. He was on his other accounts the whole time
Now, this is when the actual Attack on Shack commenced, Ayaze who might've been PJD at the time, was OTCS most hated shack user, possibly. He did hate a lot, otc was a living time bomb and he'd finally ticked his last tock. The posts are still out there that you could look for even now if you dare to go through 3000 posts looking for it, or Ayaze's 1000, or whatever his old account had. Otc was testing his luck, and finally lashed out and got banned for it. His first offense, and he sought to fight for himself because nobody else could, as Stealth Lamb on the shoutbox. It didn't work, possibly because FE already knew it was him, i mean he had his ip. He returned in later days to find everything pretty much the same, but now he had something on his mind: Revenge.
He'd sought to get Ayaze banned like he'd gotten him, and he attempted to persuade me to help him by sending ayaze pms, so that eventually he would lash out in public and he'd be the one banned instead of otc. Now though, the days grown stale and gloomy, and all otc seemed to do when online was complain or try to start fights, which continued for months and never really ended.
Eventually, it was on a 21st, possibly May, we'd left his room for our own, and otc came the very next day to apologize because he had no other friends. We didn't accept it of course, and he just decided to stay in our room, uninvited. This continued until an extreme fight in July, where otc couldn't handle being a huge loser and told me i 'won' and blendin' was my yes man (yasss man)
This is what led to otc being banned during this early summer, 2k14, the Soos and Fe Swaggyville Era B). He'd given up all possible connections to us in an attempt to trick us for when he came back as Rotkaun, a month or so after(dirt era), which after being so bad at faking the other accounts, you'd think he'd learnt his lesson by then, but otc never learns.
Of course, there's also the many other bots he had on, dubbed botcs. There'd been at least 20.
There's also the time he tried to gross us out by writing a fanfiction about Blendin', which while weird in the sense he was probably get off on it, didn't do much to gross us out in it's own written word alone.
editted: just remembered the time we were all using otcs avatar on april fools, a good moment out of a bad situation that was that whole era

TL/DR; otc's weird, joined sometime in july, from july-december he was cool, after december he was cray, during spring he got banned cuz he was being a lil shit to ayaze. he was so much of a lil shit tht nobody but himself as a botc defended him, his lil shittitude caused a falling out even tho our friendship had already FELL, which made him ban himself and he came back as rotkaun 2 fuck me up
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When I first joined I thought OTC was pretty cool, now I have no idea how I didn't see it before.

I guess he was fine towards me, from the time he and I were both online, so that's why I didn't know.

Also RotKaun was him in disguise? I had no idea of that either. Though they both had similar post tones.
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OTC did a lot of crazy stuff, I guess he tried to trick the newer uneducated members into thinking he was nice for some reason, the truth behind this guy stretches throughout the eras.

also if you guys want some more just say so.
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How disappointing. He seemed like a sophisticated friend person. Turns out no?

Yea Soos, this is cool. I'd like more.
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Oh yeah, please write more of this, i love this. I probably know a lot about the Sqoou era, since i was directly involved with it... if you want to know anything particular, feel free to ask.
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
We the blind scribes have come up with a new idea. The extended Era. How it works is that you guys will ask us about specific things to focus on that we may have skimmed over and you are interested in asking, ask away people!
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