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Just wanted to start a thread for folks to discuss the current season and pretty much all doctor related stuff.
Well, they said a Pond was going to die, and as much as I like Amy, I don't want Rory to die again, for like the 8th time.
They did say that. Hmm I feel like Rory dying again probably won't happen. So I guess that leaves Amy.
Still though, It's bound to be a pretty crazy episode!
You could say River but we already know that. There is the possibility of Father-in-Law Pond as he's been prominent in the last couple episodes. Although with the Weeping Angels, they may just "die" as in go back to an earlier period of time to live out their lives.
True true. Those are all possibilities too.
Called it!
Dude you were!! That episode was crazyy!!!!! I'm kinda glad the Doctor got to face his issue on endings, well more like he was forced to. It was kinda nice that Amy and Rory lived out their lives together and were so committed to each other at the end. Overall, a pretty "AWwwwww" episode.
I saw this earlier.

[Image: r4mCj.jpg]
Oh my gosh that was soooooo hilarious!!!!
LOLOLOL. Paper jam amy!

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