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The name of the christmas special is The Return of Doctor Mysterio
New Episode of Doctor Who today!

5:45pm GMT on BBC one
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Got the Doctor Who "Dot-To-Doc" book for Christmas.

Jesus, I didn't know these things were allowed to have over 1500 dots.
If Romance Academy 7 and Fight Fighters are video games that means there are multiple copies with multiple Rumbles and Giffanies

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After much, much persuasion, I finally got my brothers to watch an episode of this. Now, they're just as obsessed as I am.
That also, naturally, means that I've spent the better part of the last week doing nothing but watching it with them. We started at S1 of the reboot, with the ninth doctor, and we're already up to early S8.
Before this, I was only really watching DH from early S6ish onwards. When I got into the show, it was towards the end of Tennant's time, and since I was watching it off cable and quite casually to start with, my knowledge was pretty patchy. Gradually during the eleventh Doctor's reign, I began to really get into it and here we are. Though technically Tennant was my first Doctor, it was really more Smith.
Upon rewatching it though, I realised just how much I'd missed out on. The ninth was certainly interesting, and I do wish he'd stuck around a little longer. Rose is probably still my second favourite companion, tied with Amy and just behind Donna.
And then we got into the tenth doctor. God, I'd missed out on so much great stuff. Matt Smith was great, but there's just something amazing about Tennant in the role. He's definitely become my favourite doctor.
I remember I wasn't too keen on Capaldi at first. He seemed just too serious, especially compared to his predecessors. Frankly, over time he's grown on me a lot, and I can see he's truly excellent.
Also, I don't care what anyone says, there's something so oddly endearing about S3E3: Gridlock. It's not the best episode or even my favourite, but I've got a weird love for it.

I haven't seen a lot of classic Who, so I can't speak for them.
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That's interesting to confirm it's not just nostalgia and coming before that makes Tennant so popular.

Gridlock is weird but it did have some great moments yeah. Do need to watch more Capaldi though, he's not quite grown on me yet but that's really the episodes not him.
I think it's just how unbashedly weird Gridlock was that I like it, haha.
Capaldi needs time, yeah. He was exceptional in the Christmas special and I'm interested where he'll go over (presumably) the couple of seasons. I think it's more that you've got to get used to him after Smith and Tennant, both of whom were very different to the twelfth doctor.

also, I freaking love when the daleks start being sassy
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I like the 12 doctor, as a character, but the writers decided to deliver the boredomfest Season 9. The Christmas special gave me hopes that Season 10 will become better
surprise surprise Season 10 will be Peter Capaldi's last season.
Awww :(
If S10 is anything like the Christmas special though, I've got high hopes. I'm interested to see where they take him this season, and hopefully the writing's a bit better. Capaldi was a fantastic (hehe) doctor, and he was really let down by poor writing for a long time (mind you, Heaven Sent had amazing writing.) I feel like Clara shouldn't have been dragged over to Season 8 and Twelve should've just gotten a new companion earlier. I like Bill, she reminds me a bit of Donna.

I'm curious now as to who will be the 13th Doctor. Personally, I'd love John Boyega in the role but given there's Star Wars and everything, the chances are slim. Lots of people want a female doctor, I know - and while it could make for some interesting dynamics I'm not really too fussed about gender. As long as they're a good fit for the role I'm happy.
and of course good hair never hurt

Also, some random, unrelated thoughts after rewatching a bunch of S7:
*breath, Magpie, breathe*
Yep, self explanatory.

Also, Nightmare in Silver. Yeah the kids were kinda pointless- Artie was alright but Angie was a brat- but I love this episode anyway. Matt Smith's acting was top-notch and he makes just as good of a villain as he does a hero. I over the whole concept of it and not to mention that we finally see the Cybermen be pretty intimidating, and that's not even getting started on the Cyberplanner.
Also, those cyber implants look freaking cool. Tell me they don't look badass? Come on?
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